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Vehicle Body suggestions


is it actually possible to have covered wheel arches in the game?


Yes, but it can lead to weirdness with wheel width and offset, as they’ll clip through the cover. It would just be up to the player to not widen them so much that that happens, much like the wheels that go too far when the mirrors are above the wheel arches.


Any chance on getting a mention on the number of doors it’ll have?


I wouldn’t mind being able to make one of these.


Definitely 3 and 5, maybe also 2 and 4.


Will the rear wheels be covered?


Right now, no, but I might add variants with wheel covers. I’ll see how it looks.


I’d like to see one of these…

…Mk1 Ford Capri.

I won’t beg…but…pretty pretty pretty pleeeeeease! :laughing:


Not sure if this has been requested, but can there be at least one more body in the demo? Its hard to experience even a small bit of the game using only a crap hatchback. If i recall correctly, automation used to have 3 bodies, a hatchback, sedan, and coupe. If the demo were to be something similar to that, then i would be much happier.
Oh yeah, not used to using this forum. Not sure if theres a more appropriate thread for my suggestion.


While drawing out the history for my rp car company I noticed something very disturbing…

We don’t have any early-mid 1960s to mid 1970s pickup truck bodies! Including others’ modded bodies we have a gap from about 1960 (styling wise) up to the stock truck body which unlocks in 1978, in which we don’t have a regular size pickup truck body.

Yes, it is a very similar body to the stock one, but the stock one is not available until 1978, so we need a body that unlocks in the early 1960s to fill the gap.

Some examples:

1963 Ford - Note the light wheel well flaring

1967 Chevy - Again note this also has some light flaring around the front wheel wells

1967 Ford - Note the relatively flat body pannels, but the cary-over front end “lip”

1973 Ford F-350


A pickup/car conversion like a el camino or ranchero sharing the same body styles as the passenger cars.

1957 Ranchero

1959 ElCamino


It would be nice to see small end/or aerodynamic cars. Somehing like streamliner before 1990, after that something like prius, volkswagen 1litre(i very very would like to se something a’la Volkswagen XL1).
Tatra 77 first mass produced aerodynamic car

General Motors EV1

Fiat Turbina


Phantom Corsair


Hi to all

Please accept my suggestions from 90,s


1996 impala SS

1990 S class

1990s ZX




We already have that.


Pretty sure we already have that S class too.


Thanks for your suggestions, but the dev team is small and their focus is currently on the new campaign for UE4 and porting bodies over from Kee rather than making new bodies from scratch. A large portion of bodies you’ll see on the Steam workshop are made by users in their own free time, so the best way would be for you to make these bodies yourself really as they can’t take requests etc

in other words, this thread has been pinned by default but is unnecessary now.


I know anything in this thread will be ignored for a good, long while (unless there’s any Modders needing inspiration) but how about a body based on all variations of the third gen Subaru Legacy/outback including the sedan, wagon, and truck? having them all on the same “platform” would help with variety, and helps to give a few more midsize body styles for the later 90’s and early 2000’s





Could we have something like the Dodge Charger Daytona or the Chevy Camaro? I had them as mods, but they are not available for the new game. I am also thinking something like an Aero Body capable Camaro/Challenger body something?

Something like this?


I have been noticing the lack of mid engine vehicle bodies particularly. I know a lot of focus is on more wide range of body styles for variety. But just looking the mid engine lacks some options for later years. There are also no front-mid engine bodies from what I can tell.

The following would be my suggestions for this category: Lamborghini gallardo/huracan, Lamborghini aventador(maybe), Aston Martin one-77(for a front mid if possible), Porsche Carrera GT/918 Spyder(either or), Pontiac fiero/Toyota MR2, lotus Elise GT1, Porsche 906, Nissan R392, Renault Clio V6(or just make an option for mid engine the current small hatch backs), Audi R8, Maserati MC12, Ferrari F40.

Those would be my picks to help flesh out the mid engine bodies.


A couple of those are in the kee version and will make it into UE4 (MR2 and F40) while there’s also a curvy 60s mid engined coupe in that version. For front-mid layout, you just need to use a shorter engine so that it fits entirely/mostly behind the front axle. There are a few bodies with a long nose that can achieve that.