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Vehicle Body suggestions


Those three bodies are already in game IIRC


I knew some were but i don’t think the middle one is


The blob car isn’t in the game, we have a somewhat similar sedan based on the not-E31. Manta and Pantera are in. In general we still lack some 50+ bodies from Kee.


We’re definitely missing the Austin-Healey Sprite and the Jaguar Mk2. Not sure what other 50s bodies might be missing at this point.


50+, not 50s. Over fifty bodies from all eras.


Whoops, misread that. Converting bodies does take awhile so it’s no surprise they’re not all done, but I’m hoping to see more in the next update.


Oh shit what have I done


Yeah, old ones sort of are, but I mean all eras.


A modern Bentley is still bigger than an LWB Benzer


I was thinking a while ago about the 88-92 Mazda 626. A fairly neutral body very representative for its era, and available as both sedan, hatchback, coupe and wagon. Could make for some quite realistic 80s and 90s family cars.


Citroen DS5:


95 to 2010 volvo bodies <3


The small version of the S15 body is already present in UE4, but is bugged beyond belief after the latest update. However, there was a larger version of this body in Kee, with a longer wheelbase. Also, the Vectra body needs to be ported over to UE4, as does the 1st-gen Viper body.


S15 or s14?


More crossovers. More more more.


Just bringing back all of the bodies that were in the Kee engine version of the game. (That haven’t already been.) Specifically probably the CRX, 240SX Coupe, NA Miata and the 4th generation Camaro. I would think it would be a easier than creating bodies from scratch, but maybe the way the Kee engine did meshes is just completely alien compared to Unreal. But I would just want all the Kee bodies transferred over before creating anything from scratch yet.


The meshes are all usable, as are the morphs. It’s just taking the time to updated materails and such, mirror them (kee used half a body and mirrored in-engine), solving any issues, removing possible hard angles since they don’t show too well in UE4, and then sending it through the UE4 editor.


bmw 507, maybe?

or there’s already one but i’ve missed it…


I would like to suggest these cars.
Corvette C1 53’, C2 63’, C3 68’
Mercedes Sl Gull wing 57’
Ac Cobra 62’
Alpine A110 62’
Lamborghini Miura 66’
Lancia Stratos 73’
Ferrari Testarossa 84’
Citroen DS 55’
Lamborghini Lm002 86’
Alfa Romeo Montreal 70’
Alfa Romeo Spider 66’
Lotus SuperSeven 57’
Jaguar e- type 61’
Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale 67’
volkswagen-porsche 914 69’

yes, they are some of my favorite cars. maybe i can work on it .


Xsara picasso body type would be nice :wink: