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Vehicle Body suggestions


An MPV version of that would be nice as well


Anybody work on new bodies?


A 1980s LLV style van body


The Miata body from Kee, maybe a more rounded nose variant like the NB Miata (below)
Sedan body with a lower hood line, better looking bumpers like a Honda Accord



honda accord honda accord honda accord honda accord


Ah yes… I remember using that body quite a lot. Now that the S2000 body has already been converted, the MX-5 body ought to receive the same treatment.


All the vanilla kee bodies are being ported, just be patient for its return.


My Car of course:


And of course the most Iconic People’s Cars of Europe.




There aren’t any modern huge landyachts, like the Rolls Royce Ghost, Ghost EWB, Phantom, or the Phantom EWB. The longest modern body has a wheelbase around 3.1m, while the Ghost has a wheelbase of 3.3 metres, the Ghost EWB has a 3.47 metres, the Phantom has a wheelbase of 3.5 metres, and the Phantom EWB has a wheelbase of 3.8 metres. There also isn’t the shape for any of the cars I stated above either and most of this applies to the Bentley Mulsanne, Mulsanne EWB, Flying Spur, and Flying Spur EWB. These bodies could maybe work as a long wheelbase version of existing bodies?

Reference Pics:


We could always use more 40’s and 50’s American cars. And, if someone was feeling a little bit wild, a 50’s limousine would be absolute gold.


Really need some more Audi/BMW-inspired executive sedan bodies.


Actually, we already have quite a few of those, either as vanilla bodies or as workshop mods, but scaling them up to a Ghost-sized version hasn’t been done before, as has already been pointed out.


We need more modern crossover bodies. I really don’t like the Cayenne bodysell at all, I think there are much better examples.


I think we could use some more “european” styled bodys, primarily in the 60s/70s and the diferent wheelbases. Like the BMW “new class” and the Ford 17m to 26m, Taunus/Granada, the Opel Kadett or VW 1600…


we need Honda Accord bodies, Honda Pilot bodies and finally a Honda Ridgeline body. Not to mention a new Honda NSX body.


The Citroen BX

And the Chevy Corvair


A mid-60s land barge would be nice, like this '65 Ford Galaxie here:
Image result for 1965 ford galaxie
Also some sort of early-to-mid 70s body (that’s not as blocky as the one in-game) like this '74 Caprice:

Y’know, with some hood contouring and slight fins.


Citroen saxo body would be nice!

and also why not XM body


Close to the Opel/Vauxhall Corsa that Saxo.

A bit more wheel base, and it could also morph into several Opel/Vauxhall Astras.
Early -90’s to mid/late -10’s