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Vehicle Body suggestions


Some Lada Niva body?



I believe there is a lack of modern Euro E segment bodies, such as the BMW 5 Series, Audi A6, Mercedes E Class, Volvo S90, etc. These cars are larger than normal midsize cars, such as an example, the Mercedes E class has a length of 4.9 metres, and a wheelbase of 2.9 metres, while not being very tall. Another few examples would be an Audi A6, with a wheelbase and length of near equal of the E Class, the Acura RLX, with a wheelbase of 2.85 metres and a length of 5 metres, and the Lexus GS with a length of 4.9 metres, and a wheelbase equal to that of the RLX. A single body (with multiple variants such as wagon, coupe, fastback, sedan, convertible) could likely fit all of the needs of an E Segment car, and more. Maybe this could work as a longer version of the 2.8m BMW body?

Reference Pics:


I feel like modern 00’s/10’s concept/retro moden & stylish sweptail bodies would be amazing to have. As a lack of more futuristic bodies is prevalent to myself at least. Varieties of 2-door, 4-door, coupe and convertible even glass roof could even be made.

Rolls Royce Sweptail

Maybach Vision 6 Concept

Bentley Luxury Concept

Audi A9 Concept

Cadillac Ciel

Holden Efijy

Kalin Zhelev’s concept


Hi I have some suggestions for bodies for cars
my first being a 2014 peugeot 308

And the GTI version

Suzuki Swift

Ford Fiesta ST

Ford Focus ST


Boxy 10s pickup / Large Pickup / SUV / Large SUV


Angular-ish 10s SUV / Pickup


Angular 10s Sedan (of course it’s an Accord)



We could do with some proper euro small hatch bodies, Citereon Saxo/Peugeot 106, Vauxhall/Opel Corsa, Fiat Punto, Renault Clio Etc.


We need this guys, c’mon


good day
a body style like the ford la Tosca would be awesome,


changing the bumper on the boxy 03 SUVs would actually make it a very good body for a boxy American SUV. As it is now taillamps can’t really be placed very low without distortion.


More pickup bodies to fill in the wheelbases that are not yet represented! Something along the lines of 3.2 m, 3,8 m, 4 m and 4,5 m would be nice to have.


How about the Mazda R360? Right now there aren’t many great options for budget sports cars early in the campaign. Plus this had some really cool design features native to it, the first 4 stroke kei car, 3 seater (2 in front, 1 in back), rubber springs for the suspension, etc.


I would love to see a proper Hillman Imp body.


I think there need to be more small/budget car friendly models like the imp and R360, or anything like them really to round out the budget markets a bit. maybe also something like this Suzuki Suzulight

a small saloon as well as the hatchback 126 body or a mini sports car like the Toyota 800 (new on here so I can’t post the 2nd photo) There are a lot more small cars now but I don’t think there will ever be enough for me!
Thanks for all your hard work guys :slight_smile:


Suzuki Fronte maybe?




^The Datsun Cherry was bigger tho


I wouldn’t mind seeing a 911 body from somewhere between 1990-2010 so we can build 911 clones without getting hit by a Body Age Penalty (bonus points if we can widen the hips instead of just the wheel liner on the rear)


One of the modders is working on this body as we speak.


Can someone make a Citroen ds body? with the bumpers?
and sedan, wagon a convertible bodys


I guess that does fall within the maximum length