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Vehicle Body suggestions


We could use something similar to a modern van, like a mix of the Pacifica and Transit Connect? Also something similar to the GM 2nd gen W-Body platform???




That’s like a regular Transit van, i’m talking more like a regular minivan


Will we ever see the F40 body in UE4?


Never say never, but in the meantime Coming soon…


I’ve been waiting quite a while for this one. That new body is just right for a 2010s hypercar.

On the subject of bodies ported over from Kee, I remember there being a mod for an Mk5/Mk6 Escort body for that version, but for some reason it was never finished. Hopefully it will finally see the light of day in UE4.


I suggest a small, 3 door hatchback with popup headlights. (Toyota AE86)


There’s an AE86 body in game already


Kind of. It needs more rake potential for the back; the rear window is a triangle on an AE86 but that body can only do a parallelogram.


Yeah that body is a bit of a pain to work with, to be honest. Takes a good 5 fixtures to make a light go around one of the many 90 degree angles.


I think we need more creative bodies in the game from stranger cars, like the Dodge Deora, BMW Isetta, Peel P50 and Trident, maybe even the Citroen Karin and also more hypercar bodies, like the Bugatti Veyron/Chiron/Divo, newer Lamborghini bodies like the Adventador and Sesto Elemento.


What about adding some late 60’s Full-size Musclecar bodies like the Dodge Charger and Ford Torino?


We already have 1 body with 3 different wheelbases that fits that, and the classic muscle car body (which is still on the larger side)

(The 60s body with a 126in wheelbase is same as charger posted)

(classic muscle car body from kee days)

While it would be nice to have more variety, there are bodies we still need for other eras.


We could do with some small hatchbacks for the 2010s. Pug 108/208, Citreon C1/2/3, Toyota Aygo and, of course, Fiesta, Corsa and Polo.


Even though i don’t think it could be a vanilla body, a Mercedes 300SLR body would be awsome
we could have basic texture interior like the viper/banshee body on the workshop and closed variant for the road version (300SL)

It’ll allow us to get some nice sport body in this era


My Porsche 910 body on the workshop has an open top speedster design like that :slight_smile:


It’s maybe very personnal but it would be cool, at least for me, if we get these:

Early 2000 mini bmw body (with convertible variant if possible):


and why not with a clubman variant :sunglasses: :


There was a mod for an earlier build of UE4 Automation with that exact body, but it has since been removed.


it was a 2015 body if I’m not mistaken, and the body was meh


I use it for 60’s Lmp it’s a really nice body !
but i never figured out how i am supposed to open the cockpit , i tried the empty sunroof but it teared the body apart