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Vehicle Body suggestions


We could use something similar to a modern van, like a mix of the Pacifica and Transit Connect? Also something similar to the GM 2nd gen W-Body platform???




That’s like a regular Transit van, i’m talking more like a regular minivan


Will we ever see the F40 body in UE4?


Never say never, but in the meantime Coming soon…


I’ve been waiting quite a while for this one. That new body is just right for a 2010s hypercar.

On the subject of bodies ported over from Kee, I remember there being a mod for an Mk5/Mk6 Escort body for that version, but for some reason it was never finished. Hopefully it will finally see the light of day in UE4.


I suggest a small, 3 door hatchback with popup headlights. (Toyota AE86)


There’s an AE86 body in game already


Kind of. It needs more rake potential for the back; the rear window is a triangle on an AE86 but that body can only do a parallelogram.


Yeah that body is a bit of a pain to work with, to be honest. Takes a good 5 fixtures to make a light go around one of the many 90 degree angles.