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Vehicle Body suggestions


The panels, over the seats, are slideable. Hover over and when it’s highlited you can click and move it to the rear.



This type in the variants is the right one :sparkles:


Damn im so dumb !! Thanks a lot for the info and thanks Aruna for the really nice body


the Ford Falcon XB body isn’t on the large side, you’re just underestimating the size of (in this case Australian) muscle cars. Although tbh I do wish that body was slimmer, it seems to follow the IRL wide proportions https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Falcon_(XB)


How do you know it’s not an XA?..


I guess it could be either XA or XB since they had pretty much the same body style


You know that comment was from 2 months ago right? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m pretty sure they meant large for a muscle car in general, not the XA too. The XA looks like a chonker.


Oh yes! Those are some of the body styles I miss the most! Maybe the Zaz and Fiat 600 could be turned into one where you can just pool out the rear and the fenders to make both.
The Moskvich and Opel - Kadett A could also be slapped together, and a larger version of that shape could be used to make a Ford Zephyr like car.

Similar with the 2CV and Dyan, some blinshapes on the fenders and doors that can be pooled.
Also a toggle to change the shape of the front window so space for air vents can be made or removed.

The 2CV was produced in a lot of different countries with different modifications, such as the late model 3CV from Argentina, which already looks like something build in Automation:image