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Vehicle Body suggestions


Mini/Smart cars - as much as I dislike them, they’re pretty important for 2012 onwards small commuter cars…


A smart car might not be possible right now. I’m currently doing a small car from the 1950s and I had to stretch the nose so the rad would not stick out of the body.
I don’t think chassis setup can get that small


Yeah, the current platform systems has issues with cars that don’t have much overhang.

But I don’t think it would make a smart like vehicle impossible to do, might just need to lengthen the bumpers just a tad.

This is probably the minimum overhang possible at the moment.


-Aston Martin DB5 / V8
-Ford Capri (I prefer the MK1 & MK3)
-Ford Cougar (talking about the '98 - '02)
-Ford Focus (something like the first generation)
-Ford GT 2003 (also the new 2017 model looks pretty damn cool!)
-Ford Mustang 60’s and 2000s (besides those two, the only Mustang body missing is the 80’s, that would be cool too, but not mandatory :smiley:)
-Ford Probe
-Ford Thunderbird (at least first generation)
-Jaguar XJS
-Jaguar XJ6 / XJ12

…I know I missed something obvious, just add lots of coupe bodies!

EDIT: Ford Cortina MK3


You forgot : Ford Anglia. :smiley:


It’s so obvious that Anglia is going to be included in the game, because everyone wants it in the game, so I didnt even bother listing it :smiley:


My wife Angela is named after a Ford Anglia. NOT for that reason!!!
Her Dad was stuck behind one on the way to the hospital and missed her birth.
Unless anyone else wants to, I think it will be my next project after the A30/35


I want new supercars… [color=#FFFF00]Veyron[/color] [color=#000000]Aventador[/color] [color=#FF4000]Laferrari[/color] [color=#40BF40]Gallardo[/color] like that.


Compact pick-up trucks, Think Ford Ranger, Mazda B series.
Modern Retro Cars: PT CriuserLike, New Beetlelike, New Minilike, HHRLike.
Police Car/Fleet Vehicle Cars: Think 90’s Crown Victoria/00’s Dodge Charger.
Woodies: Don’t forget about the 60’s woodie wagon thing in North America!
What about: Top up only convertibles (No I don’t mean normal coupes) Something like the modern retro thunderbird, Or the Silvia Varietta.
Limosines (Presidential class, with bulletproof glass!)
Super Utes: Think Ford Excursion/Chevrolet Suburban
Heavy Duty Trucks: F-350/Silverado HD3500 (The truck versions of the above trucks)
Car/Trucks: Dodge Rampage, Chevrolet El Camino, Ford Ranchero, Holden Ute.
Kei Cars! (My favourites!) little 3.495 meters coupes, wagons/tall wagons, sedans and downright silly things. Almost anything by Daihatsu is a good example. Most Japanese (if not all) automakers have at least one they make for their home market.
Also Maybe Big Rigs? I know it’s a stretch, but hey car companies tend to make a little of everything. (lol. Ok I admit I’m itching to try a 12 cylinder boxer hybrid diesel in something with the same drag coefficient as a barn, ha)

Long list is long. They’re just suggestions, that probably overlap other people’s suggestions, please don’t flame me. I’m not being demanding. I’d love to pay for an expansion pack anyway. :3


Other than the Veyron, those are all (more or less) possible to make with the current supercar body. Just adds some vents and do some body tweaking.


Streamliner like: Lotus 11, Auto Union Type C Streamliner, Tatra T77/T87, Rumpler Tropfenwagen.


[quote=“Daffyflyer”]Actually yes, please do, it’s bloody hard to work out what we need sometimes.

What I’d paticularly like to know is not so much what people want, but what’s MISSING, as in what sort of cars from what eras you can’t make because there is no body similar enough.[/quote]

A 1960 Lotus Seven MK1 body. Nevermind a de dion rear axle, because the idea was droped due to higher production costs. :smiley:


Lotus 7 is an open wheeler, so it can’t really be done in-game.


Lotus 7 is an open wheeler, so it can’t really be done in-game.[/quote]

Don’t tell me that’s not possible.


It would need to be made closed cockpit but that should be somewhat possible.

Main issue might be suspension components clipping through the hood, but that probably can be fixed w/o making it look too different.

Although IMHO the categories we need filled are mainly for the more boring cars.

And I know a lot of that could be done with some variant spam of the current stuff, although there are definitively some things missing, like proper pickup trucks, as the only one we have is an 70~80s large pickup.


Maybe some 80s/90s NASCAR bodies, Mid 90s/late 2000s NASCAR bodies. COT NASCAR bodies and Gen 6 NASCAR bodies. Also some vans and a few bus bodys.


there’s a G body clone in the community mod pack

that can look like the early 80’s ones


there’s a G body clone in the community mod pack

that can look like the early 80’s ones

ok. That’s perfect for 80s style NASCAR bodies. Reminds me of a buick regal.


Here’s the community modpack.
link, viewtopic.php?f=38&t=5477#p59301

It also has a few vans for you, one note is this triggers a small error when scrolling the grills tab,(more selection than the game can handle right now) just hit okay to clear it when you page up or down in it.


Been a long time this has no recent post but i do have a suggestion:
00’s(2000-2009)Track day Body(Ex.KTM X-box,Radical SR3,Anything Related as long its not open wheeled)