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Vehicle Body suggestions


Bit of an oddball suggestion, but I wouldn’t mind a body for something like a Toyota Prius or Honda Insight. Some twisted part of me wants to put a turbo inline 4 in something highly aerodynamic and send it screaming around the test track.


how about a smaller truck body, i don’t mean suzuki samurai small but like about ford ranger to toyota tacoma small


Mornin everybody, one of my suggestions would be a 1980s style medium sized SUV à la Range Rover or Landcruiser, with a three door SWB body and five door LWB body.
I don’t know if anybody is working on one currently, but if someone has no current project I designed a vehicle that fits this description and could potentially be used as an inspiration.

Perhaps one could also make a 90s-ified version with painted bumpers and smoother lines.


I would like to see some dodge truck bodies such as club cab * extended cabs* and crew cab 4 door trucks I mean such as the 1963 w200 both sweptline and stepside. Maybe the 94-01 rams too… just being hopeful.


60’s Mid-Engined. Think of a Lamborghini Miura or a Ferrari Dino 246


I feel that model variety for modern times (2010-2020) is severely lacking.
For example, Lamborghini style models, something akin to modern muscle cars like the new Mustang and Dodge Charger, Ferrari style models, modern truck models, modern van/minivan models, something like an F1 racer, etc. Kind of bland only having the choice of a few sedans and a Corvette-esque model.


pickups and SUV’s made in the last 2 decades or so (not completely boxy) of the compact and full size verity.
So something like:
Ford ranger, F150 (90’s compact and 1 ton truck)
Nissan frontier (modern compact)
Also multiple cab and bed combinations per chassis size: long bed single cab, ‘standard’ bed extended cab, short bed crew cab.


50/60/70s sports car / supercar body styles, resembling models such as Porsche 356, Jaguar E-Type, Ferrari Daytona, Lamborghini Miura.

60/70/80s sports saloon body styles, resembling body styles such as Alfa Giulia/Alfetta, BMW 2002/ E30.


2010’s micro cars perhaps? e.g Smart ForTwo, ForFour, Toyota IQ


We nee 3cyl engines for that.


Ok, enough plain cars. We need some more special ones as well. Iconic cars, and not just sports cars :wink:

I know there are lovers and plenty of haters with this one, but what about the AMC Pacer? Would someone be interested in making a wide subcompact car like the Pacer?


There’s always room for sub-compacts in my book. We have too many sports cars as it is, we need some subcompacts, compacts, sedans, and at least a couple SUV’s.

As for the Pacer, I fall in the camp that kinda likes it, but I like the Gremlin a little more.


[quote=“Madrias”]There’s always room for sub-compacts in my book. We have too many sports cars as it is, we need some subcompacts, compacts, sedans, and at least a couple SUV’s.

As for the Pacer, I fall in the camp that kinda likes it, but I like the Gremlin a little more.[/quote]

The AMC Gremlin is also nice to have. It is a bit more boxy than the Pacer though and more conventional. However, it is still a pretty interesting design, especially coming from a USA manufacturer.


It would probably be possible to have a model that does both reasonably well with morphing.

Something similar to those would definitively be interesting, and I will put that on my todo list when I am done fixing my old stuff and adding more mainstream American stuff.


I think that we need some more small crossovers/suv’s for the 2010’s because we are really lacking them and they are needed to be successful in the modern age.

Also a 90’s/00’s large suv will be quite useful as well due to the 30 year gap between the two vanilla bodies.


Also agreed. We need some trucks and SUV’s in the more modern age.

Could also do with some modern aerodynamic designs for compact hatchback and sedan, and maybe a coupe. The default in game one doesn’t have enough morphs to make something properly interesting with it.


Ok, so how about the Audi TT as a modern aerodynamic hatchback/coupe? Again a sporty car, but very pretty and unique IMO.

And here is a Shooting brake concept car from Audi as well.

The Volvo C-30 (2007), as a compact car (hatchback)

For a SUV, 1997–2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4-door, you can probably make a pickup-truck version as well.

You can likely also make a 2-door version of this one (Jeep Cherokee Sport 2-door):


Those would do! The couple cars from Audi are nice too, and I learned a new variation of car. Never heard the term “shooting brake” before. Actually kinda cool.


What about the old Toyota T100? Not a compact, not a midsize, but a truck small enough to be driveable pretty much everywhere and useful for most tasks.

google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q … 5250877965

Also, crew cab pickups.

google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt … kgodshMAXQ


The Toyota T100, would do. I think if used for inspiration you can make SUVs and Pickup trucks from the same model as different variants. That would also broaden their usability (along with 2 and 4 doors).

The crew car pickup, I find IRL awful, but if they are created a 4 door pickup might still be a nice additional variant for a new pickup/SUV model.