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Vehicle Body suggestions


Can there or will there be an 2016 Honda NSX/Audi R8 super car body? :slight_smile:


In my opinion we need more trucks, vans, MPV and SUV. More variants for the models we have would be extremly useful.
Also rear-engined cars but that will be fixed soon :smiley:


[quote=“chema1994”]In my opinion we need more trucks, vans, MPV and SUV. More variants for the models we have would be extremly useful.
Also rear-engined cars but that will be fixed soon :smiley:[/quote]

I agree with you! :slight_smile:


I would like to see a more modern day super/hyper car not just that McLaren body. So a mid engined car that can fit a 546mm x 454 mm x 685mm engine :smiley:
Something like a modern day Lambo would be nice, the nice angled edges etc.


I think that after rear engined cars are done they should start by giving us more versions.
Every hatchback should in my opinion have a 3-door, a 5-door, a sedan and station wagon version.
Panel vans should be introduced as variants of small hatchbacks.


Hey Devs, are there any plans for more frame configs?


We won’t include the “Backbone” type you probably are talking about, but there will be semi-spaceframe (the Audi aluminium chassis type), spaceframe (in different materials) and light truck monocoque (monocoque front, ladder rear) added to the game further down the line.


Killrob, what about the muscle-car type semi-monocoque chassis, ala the 60s/70s Mustangs and Camaros, and I’m sure many others… any plans for that? (Ladder front/ Mono rear)

Whenever I build that type of car in the sandbox right now, I always have to choose which way I want to go, ladder or unit body, when neither is technically right.

Side note: I’m unfamiliar with the Audi chassis concept, I’ll have to look that one up - any certain vehicle I should Google? Thanks in advance for a reply.


I know it’s not exactly a consumer car you’d buy on a lot, but I wouldn’t mind having a limousine body.


We definitely need more SUVs. I’d love a G-Class type car. It would be a great body to release with V12s.


Me neither, but I would say that could be a variant of another sedan type car. To have a couple in though would be nice.


A variant of a sedan to make a limousine would be just fine, in my opinion. The reason I’d like to make a limousine is because it’s the ultimate in luxury. Combine that with the challenge-making potential of the ultimate luxury car, with few expenses spared, and it could be fun.

That, and it could be justified as getting a call from a very highly respected limousine-for-hire company, wanting a limo with more luxury, more prestige, and more fuel efficiency.


Hopefully someone will make LWB (LongWheelBase) versions of existing Sedans.


just a few suggestions, how about some smaller pickup trucks like toyota tacoma/hilux sized http://i.imgur.com/gsuZb6c.jpg

also how about a midsize SUV body like the chevy trailblazer(the 2002-2009 for about the year 2000, maybe the 2013 model for 2010? because the current 2010 body is a bit big for some applications)


but at least try to get some type of 2000ish SUV body, i tried to make a 2002 SUV and the newest SUV body i had was an 80’s body


What about Chevrolet Corvair, Lakewood, and Greenbrier type vehicles? They were all built using Corvair components, including the Lakewood station wagon and the Greenbrier vans and pickup trucks, which were rear engines too. The first generation is notable for having those unusual automobiles, but the second generation Corvairs have a classic design.


Just came to mind that we need some really small cars. Compact cars and subcompacts would make some interesting design choices, I think.


The game already has a lot of 1990s compacts already, if you overlook compact sedans and estates. I would love to see sedan, convertible and estate versions of those already present in the game.


Well, if one looks at things logically, we can make a list of what’s needed.

1: Sedan, convertible, estate, hatchback, and coupe versions of cars we already have. Yes, I know I’ve covered a lot, but there’s a lot of cars that are only a sedan or only a hatchback. It’s currently all too easy to run right into a situation of wanting to build something and not having a car to do it with.

2: Modern pickup truck. Could be done with one basic body style and lots of morphs, along with having 3 major versions of it: Single cab, cab-and-a-half, and double-cab.

3: More SUV’s. I know they’re mostly an American thing, but we have a choice between the 70’s era SUV and the 2010’s era SUV. We need some middle ground in the 90’s for these things.

4: More wheelbase variety. We have the four categories, but it’s a great way to show the current problem more than a sorting system. Wheelbase under 2 meters? One car. Wheelbase between 2 and 2.5? A good amount of cars. Wheelbase between 2.5 and 3? Just about the same as 2-2.5. Wheelbase over 3? Basically only the really old cars. Now yes, I understand, 90% of people will build out of the middle two categories. However, it’s the same as the SUV or the Truck problem right now: there’s simply not enough variety.

5: This is one that’s a bit more of an opinion, but more morph variety in the vehicles we have. With a handful of exceptions, it really does feel like the only thing you can do to change some of these cars is to stretch the trunk a little and change the hood line.

6: More people-movers, both in the form of vans and minivans, as well as pointing back to SUV’s for a moment. Most minivans and a lot of vans (and some SUV’s) have seating for 6 or more people. We can’t honestly have a car tycoon game where we don’t have people movers. Sure, some effort was made to implement a few, and I’m glad to see it, but right now our choices are the 60’s van (which admittedly is pretty cool), the 80’s/90’s van, and the 2000’s minivan. Which, I suppose, is better than some of the other car categories.

7: This one’s at the bottom of my list only from the point that we’re not quite there yet. Cars of the Future. Currently, our last vehicle unlock is the SUV at 2008. We have no cars for 2010-2015, and we certainly don’t have cars up to the game ending of 2020. Modern cars don’t look quite as wind-tunnel-rounded as cars from 2000, they’ve come back to an edgy, more aggressive look. As for cars of 2020, just about anything could go.

8: Filling out the eras. Right now, there’s a few big gaps in the timeline, though less than before. 1940, we have no coupes, just two sedans. 1950’s fairly well rounded. Small car (lots of choices), big car with lots of choices, and a period-accurate truck. 1960 shows promise, but may need some work. 1970 needs some work as 3 of the car choices are the same car over three different wheelbases (and one is missing the 4 door sedan version). 1980 is well rounded (sedans, hatches, coupes, truck, estates, wheelbase variety). 1990 needs more trims for the cars it has (too many are just what you see on the tin, instead of offering 2 and four door variants). 2000 needs some variety. 2010 really suffers as there are too many wheelbase doubles with no variety (2 mid-engine coupes, two sedan/wagon) compared to the rest of what you get (Coupe/convertible sports car, SUV, Sedan/Hatch) and could really benefit from some trim variety (SUV gets a pickup body, sedans get 2 door versions). 2020 has no cars from the previous 10 years, indicating a major hole in our designing ability.

I know, it’s a big list and a lot of rambling, but it’s just stuff I’ve noticed. Most of this could be fixed with new versions of what we already have, a few basic additions to what we have to fill some gaps in, and some tweaks to the morphing on the cars to offer more variety. I have no problem with only having one sedan for a specific time period if I can make that same sedan look like four or five completely different cars.

Add to the list some specialty versions of cars (long-wheel-base sedans, bigger trucks) and Kei cars and the design list would be filled out rather well.

That, and I’d love to have a two-door version of that Cadillac-styled big four-door sedan, the one they added the drop-top to in this round of updates.


^ Great post, valid points.

I have a 90s SUV body (based on Chevy S-10 Blazer) almost finished. It needs some finishing touches, morphs and could use a few more body styles (2-door version and pickup)


Wow! That looks really good, Partario. As I said, we needed something from the 90’s in an SUV, and well, that’s certainly screaming “90’s SUV” to me. With the 2-door version (I know a guy who has a GMC Jimmy in a 2 door, so I know about what that’d look like) and a pickup (S-10 style single cab, maybe at the outside being able to pull cab-and-a-half, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a double-cab/crew cab S-10), that’d fill one of the biggest gaps we have, which is that the last pickup we can make is the 1970-1980 style one. Sure, we’d still need a “proper” big pickup (Ford F150, Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra) which could do a crew cab, but that should cover the “We don’t have a modern pickup” problem for a while. Also covers the “We need something between old-school Chevy Suburban and new-school Ford Explorer” SUV market rather nicely. If the back on that can morph quite significantly, not just can you cover the Chevy Blazer/Ford Explorer with that, I think it’d be possible to cover the Chevy Tahoe/Ford Expedition group, as well.

Still, that looks awesome as it is, and it fits the round-ish era of the 90’s.