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Vehicle Editor, possible bug


I was playing around in sandbox yesterday, and I had one body with about 2000L of passenger volume, and 800 or so L of cargo volume. Apparently, this is a terrible amount of passenger space as I was hit with a -19% passenger volume penalty in the detail stats screen.

But that’s not the bug. In order to rectify the situation, I backed up and chose a car with a longer wheel base. Lo and behold it had the exact same cargo and passenger space. So, I went and found an even bigger car…same thing. So…I found a big people bus van…same thing. It wasn’t until I exited the vehicle editor, then reloaded the vehicle that the passenger van showed the 4000L of people space you might expect to see.

So that’s the bug, body change didn’t register until you exit the designer.


Nice find! :slight_smile: We’ll get on that.