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Vehicles should have a minimum speed to be desirable


Essentially, the issue I’ve found is that people don’t care about things that would disqualify a vehicle from being considered desirable, such as having a top speed of 15mph.

In any year, you can make a cheap, crappy van that’s barely mobile, and people will want it because the only things they are looking at is the reliability, efficiency, and cargo space.

What I did was put a tiny 3-cylinder engine with a redline of 2000 into a giant van with the transmission set up for the highest top speed, and the lowest gear spacing where the van was still mobile.

This makes a vehicle that’s barely mobile, but has a largo cargo volume, reliable engine, and high (100+mpg) efficiency.

It seems like there should be a requirement for vehicles to reach highway speed in order to be desirable.

Also, when I made a van like this in the kee engine version of the game, if you looked under the aerodynamic tab, it would crash the game.


As far as I know if the car is too slow it will lose drivability, or at least cars used to if I remember correctly.
Less drive = Less score = Less units sold


True. Drivability has a “performance” factor, which can only be negative. If it’s at 0, then it means that the car has no problems to keep up with traffic.


The delivery vehicle markets don’t seem to care if a vehicle has 0 drivability

Like, here’s one of the things I made
Slow Van Thing - Trim 2.car (8.9 KB)


There’s problems with the markets, they’re in the process of being adjusted (According to the Small Dev Update videos earlier this year). I suspect they’re still trying to make everything work.


Zero drivability will mean zero desirability in the revamped car designer :slight_smile: i.e. next update. There will be a soft drivability threshold under which you suffer a direct hit to the overall car desirability. The threshold will depend on a region’s average driver skill and vary between 15-25 drivability.


Some city electric small “cars” with Top speed at 10~20mph still “desirable” IRL
Well, mainly because they are not cars (legally speaking)


Most of these are essentially nothing more than enclosed golf carts, and at least here they aren’t very popular outside of applications where a regular golf cart would have been fine.

They don’t really fit within the scope of the game.


In a very poor country a 15mph car that you can afford would be competitive. It needs to be very inexpensive to buy. So in the “Afrika-like” country in-game, there would be no problem. But yes, in better countries that should be unacceptable.


We could probably tie in the minimum speed with a regions infrastructure score. That way, once those stats are dynamic, this would give a nice natural progression.