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Vero94773's Brands- 2021 Einhoff Nocturne Revealed

2021 Einhoff Nocturne- Reveal Teaser

Presenting the all-new 2021 Einhoff Nocturne, a return to form.

Official Reveal- January 12, 2021 @ 5PM PST.


This thread is about a brand’s lineup of cars, and would be best placed in the Car Design subforum. That said, on first impressions, the Nocturne is going to look the part.


2021 Einhoff Nocturne

Introducing the all-new 2021 Einhoff Nocturne, a midsized sedan sporting Einhoff's all new "Stärke in der Technologie", or 'Strength In Technology' design language. The Nocturne represents the future of Einhoff, with it's striking and aggressive front fascia, it's precise and sporty handling, and it's strong presence from any angle.

Taking a closer look at the Nocturne's front fascia, you'll see the Active LED headlamps perfectly integrating with the front grille. Below that, you'll see the distinguishing Gloss Black and Technic Silver front lip, accenting the aggressive lines made above. All Nocturnes proudly wear the Einhoff badge mounted in the top centermost position of the fascia, almost like a badge of honor.

From the rear, the aggressive design of the Nocturne continues, with sharply angled Active LED taillamps, an available rear lip spoiler, and Bright Technic Silver accenting on the trim, and the exhaust. The Nocturne also has front and rear parking sensors with customizable warning settings, front and rear cameras, Adaptive Cruise with Lane Drift Warning, Smart Access, and a whole host of other safety features standard as part of the Einhoff Smart Drive technology package, standard on all Nocturnes.

The technology doesn't end just on the outside of the Nocturne, with each model having Einhoff's new "DuoTouch Pro" system as standard equipment. The DuoTouch Pro system includes two 9.4in touchscreens mounting in the driver and passenger's line of sight, with the upper screen providing control over the 21-speaker Sennheiser Orchestral Audio System, as well as controls for navigation (which is live-linked with Google Maps to provide real time data about the plotted route) and several other functions. The lower screen controls the four-zone climate control, the driver and passenger seat heating/cooling, front seat positioning, and acting as a haptic keypad for the upper screen.

It doesn’t just stop there, with the driver getting a 12.5in Active Information Display mounted directly in front of them, which provides speed data, selected gear, quick navigation access, and several other important aspects of the car, like tire pressure, battery charge, fuel level, etc. The passengers aren’t left out in the cold either; mounted on the back of each front seat is a detachable 9.4in tablet allowing control over the rear passenger seat position, heating/cooling, rear climate control zones, and much more. With all of this tech, the Nocturne has 6 USB-C ports (3 front, 3 rear), 4 USB-A ports (2 front, 2 rear), and one 120v plug-in mounted by the rear seats. All Nocturnes also come with a 1-year free trial of LTE data (provided by several phone service operators; varies by location.) and front and rear Qi wireless charging pads.

Rounding off the extensive interior equipment list, this specific, top-trim, GT-Line Nocturne features 20in diamond-cut alloy rims, a fixed electrochromic panoramic roof, electric power steering, adaptive dampers, and much more. This specific Nocturne GT-Line, as shown, has an MSRP of $51,300, and is painted in Herman Red Metallic. For a base "Premium'' trim, front-wheel drive Nocturne, it'll start at $39,950. All Nocturnes have a $1,195 destination charge.

This concludes our presentation for the all-new 2021 Einhoff Nocturne. Read on for technical information, and a testing sample.
Technical Information

*specifications listed for 2021 Nocturne GT-Line 4drive

Partial aluminum panels/light AHS steel monocoque
Front transverse
Double wishbone (F)/Multilink [R]

Powertrain Specifications:
2.0L/2000cc (86.3mm X 85.5mm) dual overhead camshaft, 4 valves per cylinder, turbocharged and direct injected inline-4
AlSI block and heads, forged internals
280hp at 6,300 RPM
262 lb-ft of torque at 3,500 RPM
Maximum engine speed: 6,700 RPM
7-speed dual clutch automatic
4drive all-wheel drive with electronic limited slip differential and torque vectoring

Suspension Specifications:
Progressive springs/adaptive dampers/passive sway bars

Performance Specifications:
4,016lbs curb weight
0-60 in 5.7s, 130mph top speed (electronically limited)
P235/40R20-96H medium compound tires front and rear
2 piston 355mm front and single-piston 355mm rear vented disc brakes
Electric power steering, full driver’s aids, advanced 20s safety

Testing Sample

Einhoff_-_Nocturne_GT-Line_4drive-_COMPLETED.car (308.4 KB)