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Vesuvio automobili


In 1994 the new premium sedan of Vesuvio the model 4C 1.9T was first car with AWD traction.

in period of 1994-1998 was sold 223.000 4C 1.9T

In 1999 was launced the 4C Millennium a new premium sedan premium

from 1999 and 2001 was sold 300.000 4C Millennium

In 1996 the Vesuvio return at the production of Hatcback with a model named NUOVA VH, in memory of the '70 car VH.

From 1996 to 2001 was sold 600.000 exemplares.

In 2001 the Vesuvio Automobili was acquired by the prince Al-Tawany ,a child of Emir of Desertistan, and destinated at production of Luxury Coupè.


The first car of Vesuvio after the arrived of Prince Al-Tawany was, in 2002, TEMPEST GT
a Turbo charger Luxury Coupè with two seats.
This car certified the change of market target by premium sedan to Luxury Coupè.

TEMPEST GT was sold in 14.500 exemplares from 2002 to 2004.


I must say I am not too keen on the friendly unaggressive design choices. Imo it’s best to have intimidating looks on a sportscar


In 2002 was created in only ten exemplares the celebrative model 6C 2400 HR (for History).
externally it was the same as the 1946 model, with the addition of the direction indicators, but internally there were brakes, seats and modern safety devices.
It was also equipped with a weakened version of the V8 engine of the TEMPEST GT

In 2005 Vesuvius diversified production alongside the restyling of the TEMPEST GT

The new SAND model, a less sporty but more comfortable and luxurious car


In 2007 Vesuvio produced the first Luxury SUV the model X-Landa


After the Historical model this is the last model producted by Vesuvio named “12C Roadst” a luxury Coupè with 12 cilynder natural aspirated motor product from June 2017.


I closed the Vesuvio Automobili Topic with the model 3000 a prototype created in 1950.
The 3000 was an aborted attempt at a joint venture between Vesuvio Automobili and Carnadian Motors to create a coupe with a Canadian heart and Italian design.
The motors was a V8 3.0L with 125 HP.

Bye Bye and thanks for all forum user for your comments and likes on my topic


In 1965 the Vesuvio Automobili buy the Potomac Automotive, a little car factory in Maryland, and created a Muscle car-Luxury GT named Gufo, a name of a nocturne bird in italian language, for U.S market

The Gufo was producted from 1965 to 1968 in 450 exemplares.



It has almost the same name as the Kimura X-Land…


is not a copy but a purely coincidence


That’s what I thought, he hasn’t shown the X-Land yet…