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Visual bug under 600 RPM


As shown in the video, the exhaust manifold and turbo will glow or heat up to it’s maximum value when idling under 600 rpm. The power/torque and boost gauges don’t work either. This bug also occurs to other engines when at 600 rpm or less. Also for the V16 engine, the manifold on the left appears to be cooler than the one on the right. Not sure if that’s intentional or a bug.


Oh, 600 RPM, I was trying to figure out what the through line was. Some of my engines were doing it but not others and I couldn’t tell what was different.


If the left side is the front of the engine, it may be running cooler since that’s the first part where the antifreeze would be traveling. As it travels through, the coolant will heat up so the cylinders further back will run hotter as a result. Usually the second cylinder to last on the bank will be the hottest.


Ah ok that makes sense. Thanks for that.


I hope it’s fixed in the next update.