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[quote=“pyrlix”]900 Polys… dude. You know that high-poly stuff makes the game lag as hell on slower machines?

There is a reason why you should limit the poly-count on vents or grilles to about 300… And if your grille looks rubbish with lower than 1000 polies, i would honestly think about getting better in 3D Modelling.
I am far from being as good as Kubboz or Trackpaduser, my stuff is far from perfect… but my grilles and vents look good with around 250 - 300 polies. And I can see so many Loops in your Vent to remove, while not altering its look.[/quote]

Ok. I will try to reduce the polys.


News: I’m modelling the GT-R R35 body.


GT-R Body :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Personally, I would really think about revising your existing stuff first before you try and model anything else. Most of the grilles and vents from you really lag my game, and my PC isn’t slow by any means, so I think you should do that first. :slight_smile: My Honda Accord grille for example only has about 150 polys, but still looks decent enough, 1000+ polys is far too much.


A ultra-pro-tip: Try getting better before starting on car bodies.

I started with my first car body after doing a few grilles, its a real pain in the butt. And to be honest, with your skill level it may end up pretty horrifying. I have severe performance problems with your fixtures, and they “only have 1300poly” or so. Probably it has a ton of tris… and i highly doubt you make a car with a reasonable poly count that will work nicely in the game.

I am currently working at some chrome stripes, they have pretty high poly count for just being stripes, but thats the issue with corners… (sub 400 on all, sub 250 on two variants)


Ok. I will improve the polys.

How can I redo a grille mesh to modify the surface tab?


Non-Saab 9-5 Grille with <200 polys:

Coming soon, I will revise the rest of grilles, but I don’t know how can I redo the Collapse To/Collapse all actions.


All you do is just redo the UV mapping like the first time then do “collapse to” like the first time.

Also, how many triangles?


In the NON-Saab?
200 Polys.

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Yeah, this I know, as you said it earlier, but polygons are made of multiple triangles, usually 2.

While small variations are acceptable in automation, the triangle count should be about 2 times the polygon count, if it is significatively under of over that, you might have issues with your mesh.

The value should appear at the same place as poly count. If it doesn’t, the option to enable it is at the same place as the option to enable polygon count.

Edit: For the things you did <>, just redo those things like if you never did them and it should work.


NEWS: I solved the problem with the dummies in 3DS Max.


My first attempt creating tailligts:


I’m starting modelling a body in 3ds max with a more simple body (the GT-R later), and this is the preview of my car. Can you guess what car is it?


Audi Quattro?


audicomparisons.com/wp-conte … 31517a.jpg one of these right?




No blueprints or reference picture on the scene? You’re a brave fella, modeling a complete car from memory. clap clap


I’m using blueprints, but for the snapshot I hide them.


You can see the process via Twitch: twitch.tv/formidablevmo


I finished the front part: