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Nice. Now we really need the dev team to get the 5 cyl engines into the game. :wink:


Only I have issues with the roof and a and b pillars.


I had some problems with the upper part of the car.

Someone can look my 3d model and improve or explain the parts that need modifications, please? Send me a PM the interested users.



You’re formidable enough to try to deal with this yourself. I believe in you.


Ok. Thanks. :slight_smile:


nice works :wink: i would try to make a body by myself but has a lot of things i need to ask before to someone with some experience :wink:
if you can help me it would be great :slight_smile:

The main questions are:

  1. the body has to be designed only split in half like grilles?
  2. does it require a flat map as fixtures?

a lot of other infos would be great but those two are crucial for a first try for me thanx


There are lot of things that are required to make bodies for the game, I suggest you start here:

youtube.com/watch?v=dcoq52m … oLzC8VIl5F


I hope you look at the Sport Quattro in regards to how the wheel arches is streched. And not just extend the edge closest to the wheel.


Do you say the front side wings with widht morphing?


I think so, both front and rear.

Nice view of the difference in width. Sport Quattro in front, UrQuattro center. (Think the rear one is the S2)



Yes. the car we had this.


In some days, I will continue with the 3d body (during the last two weeks, I couldn’t continue with the body due the University exams).


Good luck with the exams! I finished my last exam Monday morning.



Good luck with the exams! I finished my last exam Monday morning.[/quote]



Can’t wait for this not-a-Quattro :slight_smile:


I will continue with the NON-Quattro body in summer, due tmy studies.


RELEASE: NON-SAAB grille: vmogrille012.zip (42.9 KB)


I have a big problem: I formatted my computer, and some files dissapeared, and one of these files are the AUDI Quattro.

But I will search in the whole HDD, and finish the car.

The rest of mods still alive.

EDIT: I’m passing Recuva to recover the files.


Hi guys.

A new headlight coming soon (own design).

This headlight doesn’t had performance issues, because is low-poly.

About the NON-Quattro body, bad news: I couldn’t recover the body. I will try to make a new one. Sorry for the issues.


Nice to see more headlights. :slight_smile: