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It can be done, you need to put them like so
[“Rear Wheelarch”],



[quote=“maffc”]It can be done, you need to put them like so
[“Rear Wheelarch”],

I had the names like this.


So… I guess something has happened to the uploading process?


Do you received my pm?


Did not.


Ok. I sent now to you a pm.


OK, try reexporting the mesh you have. I just did that and it worked.


Can you sent me the mesh please?

When i export the mesh with skeletons and bones selected in the export menú, 3ds max crashes.


Thanks Kubboz for the exported files!

I uploaded the body into workshop.


Due the modified game small 10s sedan coupe is a disaster (textures, design, missing some parts), I decided to cancel, and start a new project (I can made a 3d model in less than 1 day now), and could be a modern luxury SUV or a midsize SUV (and I hate the SUVs), but the most probably is a coupe.

If is possible, please game devs, make a 10s sedan coupe version for both versions: small and long wheelbase.


Hey VMO, I saw a problem on your not-R35 body: rear fixture placing become invisible (except the badges).



I detected this issue, but I don’t know how can I resolve them.


Is the UV mapping done properly? Or the materials? The UV mapping for the rear should cover materials 9 (rear panel material) and 12 (rear seam material).


You also need to ensure the projection and seam projection materials in the Lua file match their entry in the main materials section, other wise the holes for the fixtures do not get cut in, or worse get cut on the wrong part of the body


This can be the error.

I will correct in the next days.


If anyone downloaded my non GT-r R35 body in workshop, and put a fixture in the rear part (like ohm1996 noticed), the fixtures are “absorbed” by the body.

I mapped like the tutorial (with plane).


It looks good so far. Aside from that known issue, the other problem is that with the material on the bottom of the car, it’s impossible to place fixtures there where a lip would normally go!


True! I need to change only the ecs_plastic to ecs_body


I’m making the Huracan, but this time I used other method (not making the seams to make a more accurate shape, and make this at the finish), but I don’t know how can I make the seams now, because the cut tool is a little bugged (sometimes can’t cut a straight line between 2 parallel lines, cut in 5 points).

Anyone knows how can I make the seams?


P.S. I’m solving the GT-R bugs.


About the GTR: I tried to re-skin, but the rear fixtures had the same problem: are absorbed by the godzilla.