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[quote=“strop”]Many thanks for the not-Huracan body! It sure does fit some big engines EDIT (what was I thinking, this isn’t a small platform at all!)

Minor issues:

The rear morph actually goes so far that stamping fixtures on the rear causes them to go through the rear of the chassis.
I’m not sure what the lower front morph does, since it can protrude but the rest of the front bumper doesn’t move at all.
The rear window angulates funny if morphed forward far enough.

Aside from that, it looks smooth and elegant (as elegant as a Lambo can manage anyway). Great job![/quote]

Thanks for your feedback!

1.) I will look this issue.

2.) the front morph is only the front protude. I attempted to make a bumper morph, but doesn’t look well.

For the car smooth, I used the turbosmooth tool.


The 2015 Accord and Legend, I can’t find the blueprints, but only with 3 views, not 4.

Ok. This is my planning:

-10s SUV.
-10s sedan.




Here is my WIP LMP1 custom design car:

[size=200][SOLVED][/size] And news: I’m making a very special body for Montes (is secret!.. ok, now not), but I had the same issues that the GT-R body: the fixtures are absorbed by the body.

I need a user with this features:

  1. Discretion.
  2. Isn’t a newbie in the 3d modding (at least a 1 body released).

I need to make the car before the Geneva car expo.

The interested users to help, please sent me a private message.



An update about the LMP1 custom Montes body: it looks insane!


it looks amazing! I wanted to do one before AMWEC 2016, but there’s no need now it seems :smiley:


That’ll be fun to use.


[size=200]THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS[/size]
[size=10]you are a hero![/size]



Wonderful! Finally a modern race car body! I guess I’ll have to start rethinking about my company’s no-racing policy…




How can I solve this issues (orange and yellow marked)?



Is there a problem with your skinning? That’s the only thing I can think of.


Although I have no experience with modding or 3ds max I do know that has happened on a lot of other bodies.


The skin is the morhping bones no?


Sorry, I meant the UV mapping. It almost looks as though the UV mapping is backwards, but I don’t really know.


Isn’t this a bug with bodies with perfect 90 degree rear surface? Try angle it just .5 - 1 degree in either direction.


I think that is this.

because when I move the exhaust to the upper part of the rear, it shows ok, and you can place without the error in any place of the rear.


I solved the issue: thanks RobtheFiend! This it was the issue!

I submitted to workshop the body.


Are the canard a readily available fixture. I feel like I have downloaded everything from the workshop, but I haven’t come across those.