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VMO's stuff (Now attempting to port to UE4!)


Yeah the cut tool is a little bugged, it works best if your view is not square on, also the projected lines do not necessarily match the end result.
What I tend to do is ignore the preview and just cut, often it does what I wanted. If it didn't then I just undo and try smaller cuts.
Also, what you could do is move the already existing edges (making sure they confirm to surface) to where you want the breaks, select all the polys that make up the door, etc and detach as element.




In 3ds max, I'm making a tailight, but the bones doesn't move the headlight.

I tried 6 times, and anything.

Here is the file:

tailight.zip (117 KB)

I weighted the bones.


The trick for the seams is the inset tool (the menu one that lets you enter exact values) being used twice. Select all the polys you want used for a door, hood, etc, and inset them twice, which will give you 2 rows of thin polys. Then grab the line in the middle and move it into the body as far as you want. To then make it its own element, select all the polys that will be part of that door (including the inner side of the seam), copy the position of one of the axises (like -85.3 cm on X), and then clone that selection along that axis. After that, delete the area you cloned from the model, then select the door you just cloned that's separated and paste the position value of the axis and the door will then be placed exactly where it was before but as its own element.


Oh, that's how you do the seams? :laughing: I select the polys for the door/bonet/trunk, and de-atach them to a different object. Then I select the edges, drag-copy them down or to the interior side, for both the door and the car body. Adjust the vvertices so the seams can be seen, and then I re-atach them together.


Each to their own I guess, either way seems valid. You probably couldn't tell which way was used in the end.


I solved the huracán issue.

Only i had problems with the taillighr.


Anyone said Huracan?


mmm.... Nope.


Yea. You did.


In the UVMap unwrap, in the rear part, I need to press hold/yes or yes only when I select collapse to?


Why ingame the car looks with these polys?


Yes, but obviously before the skinning

Make sure you set the smoothing groups correctly.

EDIT: Also, the cars have some thin line of plastic or some materials between the windows and the car body or other windows. Even the huracan http://st.motortrend.com/uploads/sites/5/2013/12/2015-Lamborghini-Huracan-white-side.jpg




How can I solve this 3ds max error?

I reinstalled 3ds max a few times, I formatted the computer, and I had the same proble. (3ds max 2013 32 bits original).

When I need to export a object with a skin modifier, and I export with mesh, skeletons and bones, the 3ds max crashes, and the headlights or taillights, for example, ingame, appears a mismatch poly counter, and the game closes.

With the bodies, the morphing zones doesn't appear selected. In the GT-R body, a user exported me the body (without touching anything), with 0 errors, and the problem is solved.

How can I solve the issue?

I'm using windows 8.1 x64.


I think I got that error once, (poly mismatch...). To export the thing, select only the body (not the bones, which need to be separated objects), then click export selected and export it. Now, without selecting or moving other thing, click export selected again and export the unskinned version.

If you modify the mesh, you have to re-export it (unskinned and skinned) and only the mesh, without the bones.

You can send me the file, and I can do a video showing you the process of exporting, and you can see if you're doing something wrong or if it is your computer that can't handle the process.


I followed the same steps and i Had the same problem. I sent to you a file.


Why I have this black mate polys if all car materials are ECS_BODY (I make this because with all materials mapped I had the same issue; if I quit all materials, all car is pink)?


I can send via PM the car files if is necessary.


It seems like theres something wrong with the materials assigned in 3DS max. Check if they're rear body material. And that those polygons are in the same smoothing group. and finally, and just in case, check the UV map. When I did my body sometimes small polygons of the rear ended up in the middle-part-uv-map.