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VMO's stuff (Now attempting to port to UE4!)


Thanks for your feedback!

1.) I will look this issue.

2.) the front morph is only the front protude. I attempted to make a bumper morph, but doesn't look well.

For the car smooth, I used the turbosmooth tool.


The 2015 Accord and Legend, I can't find the blueprints, but only with 3 views, not 4.

Ok. This is my planning:

-10s SUV.
-10s sedan.




Here is my WIP LMP1 custom design car:

[size=200][SOLVED][/size] And news: I'm making a very special body for Montes (is secret!... ok, now not), but I had the same issues that the GT-R body: the fixtures are absorbed by the body.

I need a user with this features:

    1. Discretion.
    2. Isn't a newbie in the 3d modding (at least a 1 body released).

I need to make the car before the Geneva car expo.

The interested users to help, please sent me a private message.



An update about the LMP1 custom Montes body: it looks insane!


it looks amazing! I wanted to do one before AMWEC 2016, but there's no need now it seems :smiley:


That'll be fun to use.


[size=200]THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS[/size]
[size=10]you are a hero![/size]



Wonderful! Finally a modern race car body! I guess I'll have to start rethinking about my company's no-racing policy...




How can I solve this issues (orange and yellow marked)?



Is there a problem with your skinning? That's the only thing I can think of.


Although I have no experience with modding or 3ds max I do know that has happened on a lot of other bodies.


The skin is the morhping bones no?


Sorry, I meant the UV mapping. It almost looks as though the UV mapping is backwards, but I don't really know.


Isn't this a bug with bodies with perfect 90 degree rear surface? Try angle it just .5 - 1 degree in either direction.


I think that is this.

because when I move the exhaust to the upper part of the rear, it shows ok, and you can place without the error in any place of the rear.


I solved the issue: thanks RobtheFiend! This it was the issue!

I submitted to workshop the body.


Are the canard a readily available fixture. I feel like I have downloaded everything from the workshop, but I haven't come across those.