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VMO's stuff (Now attempting to port to UE4!)


Yep. Download my mods. Isnt a new mod. In 4 hours i will upload the car




Indeed ! :slight_smile:


Body released in workshop.


I don't want to be a party pooper, but the chassis clips through the body :confused:


Yep. The suspensiĆ³n strut abd the rear firewall os a known little issue. But Is insignificant.


Will you fix the GT-R?


Wouldn't be too hard to rework the mesh slightly to hide those. It won't need new UV mapping, and depending on the morphs, skinning likely won't be affected.


Just so I understand this a little better - that's the reason automation won't have open wheelers, and really old classy cars, right?


Graphically, yes. I suspect there will be other reasons, such as aero calcs etc.


Yep. At least (thanks to maffc) I found the possible problem.


The rear firewall I can fix.

The front firewall not (look the height).

But I looked this last now.


And the fact that it is impossible to "design" a car with seperate headlights, fenders etc with the current car designer. Speaking of classic cars I still want more 50s cars. GODDAMMIT I NEED TO FIND MYSELF A VERSION OF 3DS MAX THAT WORKS ON MY SHITTY FIVE YEAR OLD LAPTOP AND IS COMPATIBLE TO THE EXPORT TOOL. And I should learn how to model in 3d.


Doesn't need to work with the exporter. You could find someone with the proper version that's generous enough to do the exporting for you. As long as you save the files in an older format (3DS Max 2013 or earlier) they could open them and export them. Car bodies are not easy, just to make that clear, but if you can do it then that's great as we can always use more variety. No matter how bad your computer is, it should run, it would just start running slow when you get highly detailed models.


I have 2014 so that's a thing. And it is always running slow, so that I can live with. The learning curve is steep which sucks because I am a slow learner but feel like I have a pretty good sense for proportions and so on.


You could probably still make most post-war stuff, since even things like 30s fords should be doable if you do some minor adjustements as needed.

As long as it's not an open wheeler, you could probably make something decent.

Pickup trucks also present similar issues with the back suspension (and with fixtures clipping through the inner walls of the box), but you can work around that by making the box less deep than it should be and the walls thicker. Won't be 100% like in real life but it will still look fairly good.

The main issue is dealing with UVW mapping on older cars with external fenders like the 30s fords and very old pickups. I am actually surprised I got it to work acceptably on the 50s truck.


Tested the Lmp1 body and the tyre width is very limited

Morths are also limited IMO


Ok. I will add a morph here. What is imo?


In My Opinion.


I can lower only the frame height only touching the lua files?