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Warren Corporation - New Thread, New Look


Ahead for a promising future. Here is the new face of Warren.

Before starting this new presentation, If you would like to take a look at the old thread, feel free to do so. It will remain available and archived on the forums.

Click Here for the Old Warren Thread.

Warren Corporation is an American company. Its divisions operate in automotive and tech industries. The World Headquarters are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

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1887 | John A. Warren is born. he was the son of a machinist and farmer in Ann Arbor, Michigan. At 16, he leaves home to study in Detroit.

1908 | Turning out to be a brilliant engineer, Warren begins work at a certain new car company based in Dearborn, and quickly go up ranks, while working on his own inventions and projects around motoring.

1920 | After earning with his patents and inventions around cars, he leaves the Dearborn automaker, dreams big and gathers a small group of investors to create The Warren Motor Company in Ann Arbor.

1941 | Warren participates in various WII efforts, dedicating some of the plants to build military supplies, parts and vehicles. Bill Warren, the son of John, takes his father's place as chairman and CEO of Warren Corporation.

1949 | The chrome eagle emblem is revised and replaced by two V shapes over a blue background, representing large wings but also a W to an extent, representing the Warren Family. There will be many iterations of this logo in the future but the main idea and shape will be kept to this day.

1950 | Warren introduces the 1950 Sedan, and launches the same year the Sierra Division, with bolder, sportier designs and engines. The goal was to appeal to more potential buyers while sharing main components, offering a wider range of vehicles while keeping the production costs down. It quickly became an outstanding commercial success and a valuable option for middle-class American families.

1968 | The Warren 'TF' Body is introduced, and gave birth to mid and full-size coupes, sedans, wagons and utilitary vehicles and the 1970-1973 Sierra Durante is among those.

1980 | The 1980's were really a time of partnership and growth after several difficult years in the mid 1970s. First, they will share platforms, engines and several components with the Patterson Motor Company (PMC). A European division is also created in West Germany, stretching Warren's legs overseas for good. They will design and engineer vehicles specifically for overseas markets, while sharing main components and technology with Detroit, or I should say, Ann Arbor.

1989 | The Pulse is initially introduced in America and Europe, with smooth, jellybean styling breaking from the traditional 1970s-1980s boxy designs, with major powertrain and fuel efficiency advancements. It turned out to be a major success that will boost Warren into a prosper 1990s decade, albeit some production issues and standard driver-side airbag recalls. In a few short years, wagon, coupe, convertible and hatchback variants will be introduced to the market.


Warren Corporation has been working hard in research and development after the end of the 2008 recession, and is now going back and strong building cars on their new and versatile global platform. Warren is very aware of its carbon footprint and that is why major investments began in 2014 to make their North American plants 50% self-sustainable in energy by 2025. More information on that will be available later on.


XLT100 | Small Truck

XLT City | Small Utility Van

Sarnia | Midsize Liftback

XLT200 | Truck

Sabre | Muscle

Surveyor | Mid-size SUV

XLT300 | HD Truck

Pulse | Compact

Pioneer | Full-size SUV



2013 Surveyor

2006 Interceptor

1990 Pulse

1981 Silverstar

1959 Belleisle

1950 Sedan

2015 Sabre

2006 Pulse

1992 Surveyor

1988 Sabre

1965 Belleisle

1958 Belleisle Toledo

1920 Model 20

2014 XLT200

2008 Seeker

1992 Portland PMC

1988 Aspire GT

1970 Ocean Cruiser

1958 Belleisle Silverstar



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If first impressions count for everything, then the new thread for the Warren group (including Sierra) is very likely to be a huge improvement on the original.