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Warren Corporation


How is that such a Crown Vic, and such a Buick Roadmaster… yet still a unique design? It looks phenomenal!!


1965 Warren Belleisle LS
428ci V8 engine with 4 Barrel carburetor
3 speed automatic transmission
Warren’s flagship model for 1965.


2019 Kelowna Sv6


1979 XLT work van

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He took the kids back from Karen.


Here’s the 1979 Warren XLT Pickup Truck. Comes with a powerful, 145 Horsepower 7.0L v8.
Durable, with its special body on frame construction and coil springs in front, leaf springs in rear.
Hauls like a champ.
Fuel mileage: it’s 1979.

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Texas Special Trim also available with wider fenders, offroad suspension, bigger tires and a wide variety of bed accessories.


Here’s few more shots of the maricourt, reworked the wood a bit and added a roof rack.
See the original post here: Warren Corporation - Maricourt Station Wagon / XLT classic pickup


The '65 Belleisle is a really fine automobile. Very nicely detailed and 100% period correct. I like your other designs too but the Belleisle is your masterpiece. :slight_smile:


wow these look very nice!


:heart_eyes: Wow thank you so much :heart:️Mid 60s is my favorite Era for cars. I wish there were more 60s landyacht bodies


AGREED!! I know Silver-York would love them


Have to agree. The BelleIsle is masterful. The rear fender treatment has me scratching my head on how you did that!


Working on a new XLT pickup truck with the new open beta body, Here’s some screenshots


1989 Warren Sabre v6

- - More shots - -


that level of details
so wow


Those gradiated taillights are superb


1999 Portland Mark 3 PMC, as featured in CSR 109.
Design by me and engineering by mcp928.


1990 Warren Surveyor

Premium 4x4

XL 4x4 with dealer installed off-road package

And here they are, looking good

And a little extra!


1990 Pulse.The car you need when you need a car.


I have Taurus and Tempo vibes.


1992 Warren Performance cars