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We’re updating the trailer for Automation and need your help!


This is what the current trailer for Automation: The Car Company Tycoon Game looks like:


I want to fix that! I’m looking for amazing cars to display in an updated trailer!!

I’m looking for cars varied from all eras, styles, and shapes. Unfortunately, I cannot accept any mods. Everything must be vanilla. no mod bodies or fixtures.
I’m sorry, but due to time constraints and us being mid engine upgrade, even if we did manage to build a version where I could use mods, none of the mods would work because they are for a different version of the engine :notcrying:

It would help me a lot if you uploaded a .car file here made entirely with vanilla fixtures and bodies so I can use it in the updated trailer!!

  • Upload a .car file using only default in-game fixtures and bodies, no mods please! Use the in-game Export Car Save File For Sharing button!
  • If you can accompany that .car file with an image of your design, that would help me greatly to organise it
  • please do not spam every body you have, and please no memes. I’m looking for quality, not quantity
  • I’m looking for something within the next few days. I can’t give an exact timeframe, because I’ll just be picking the first best thing that works for whatever shots i need, but this should only take me a week or two so I’d say that’s the absolute deadline, but the sooner you submit the better!
  • by uploading a file here, you agree to let us use it in any Automation-related promotional media without credit



It’s just a design? We don’t need to make the engineering?


Neat idea, now to see if I’ve got anything built that didn’t use mods.


So that means we can use anything whose thumbnail doesn’t have the word “Mod” in the top-left corner, then?

I guess that’s what she meant. If I ever go through with submitting something for the new trailer, I’ll have to make a car that’s totally mod-free if I don’t have one already.


what else could she have possibly meant by no mods allowed


She meant that no mods from the workshop, vanilla parts are only allowed in this.


Painfully, I made the Trigon into a Vanilla car. I think it came out ok, but it’s not as i originally intended it to look. I did my best.

Zephorus_-_Trigon_Vanilla.car (50.2 KB)

Anyone else who happens to want this can of course download it. To the Devs if you pick it, of course you can change the numberplate to Fruinia or whatver, change the colours etc etc.
(to change the highlight colour it’s the car secondary paint, then the rest of the car is “base” colour)

This car was made on the image
So in theory, it shouldnt break.

however i’ve been having issues because it wont select the vanilla version of the body, no matter what so… they are the same body but engine bays are different i think. I’ve got no idea which body it’s actually using.


I’m guessing that you don’t want us to repost what we’ve already sent in #updated-trailer-submissions here


1946 Franklin Cerberus 1800

Franklin_Cerberus_-_1800.car (43.4 KB)


90’s Jin Tsubaki Xtream Racing edition, build on the FR90 chassis

Jin_FR90_-_Tsubaki_Xtream_RACING_edition.car (44.2 KB)


Since Discord is crowded with submissions, I decided to take this peacefulness of this thread and put this…

2020 Tanaka Akuma V8S Limited, without mods…

Car file: Tanaka_Akuma_(3rd_Gen)_-V8-S_Limited(No_Mods).car (82.8 KB)


Revo - Shenshou Jing

Download Link - Revo_-_Shenshou_Jing.car (36.5 KB)

I have made many cars on automation, but the Shenshou Jing is by far the best one I have made. I have over 800 hours in the game and I guarantee that at least 70 hours of that has been dedicated to developing this car. It’s currently on it’s 7th generation and it’s 5th engine. So I’m putting my best foot forward on this one. There are no mod features the car is entirely made from vanilla parts.

Revo - Redefine the Revolution

Long Live The Shenshou Jing


Crap, I forgot the Akuma letter badging was an actual mod! Its ok, continue without the mods…


Some of the shots in the trailer will be of the engine, so if you want to make a nice looking engine too that’d be nice. but yes, i do not really care about any of the stats or performance of your designs :grin:


are you talking about me in the third person?? :thinking:
No, as has been mentioned already in Killrob’s competition, modded rims do not have the mod tag on their icon. this is a missing feature that we are working on fixing.
I specifically mean no mods at all regardless of what their icon looks like. As I explained, I cannot even open mods. They are fundamentally incompatible at an engine level with the version of Automation that I am using. If there are any mods on your design at all, i will not use it.


Correct, this thread is for people who only use the forums and not the Discord. Please do not double-post both in the discord and in here, it will only confuse me :sweat_smile:


Here’s a version of my late-90s/early-00s hypercar, the DMS Imperia GT, with nothing but vanilla fixtures:

And here is the accompanying .car file:

DMS_Imperia_-_GT_Vanilla.car (50.0 KB)


That definitely has mods, the wheels for a start, I could be wrong but I think the arch covers are as well.


The wheel arch are part of the body, dude.