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We’re updating the trailer for Automation and need your help!


Didn’t realise, but wheels 100% are mods


Here’s my submission

1975 Avantii Muloca.

and the file
Avantii_Muloca__-_Base_model.car (37.3 KB)


Ah, well, DILLIGAF. :rofl:


FE lol


Aanholt_Volta_-_GTi_Turbo_16-Valve.car (57.3 KB)

Here’s my attempt at Vanilla styling, went with a style I’m very much comfortable with… 80s saloons/sedans/liftbacks. Hope it’s sufficient for the trailer.


1965 Decarlis D40 2000 GT

Decarlis_D40_coupé_-_2000_GT_No_Mods.car (31.2 KB)


While it is by no stretch of the imagination a good looking car - I wanted to submit my csc attempt at a 1990 hyper, maybe it’d make some filler c;
Slyo_s_-Wagenmacher-Ceberus_Clone.car (51.2 KB)


Is there a way of starting the game without any mods (other than the laborious task of unticking a billion boxes (OK, a billion is a bit of an exaggeration!))?

The old KEE version used to have that functionality.


Safe mode could work, but mine hasn’t for some time…


Tried that and it put the game into 8bit pixel mode…well maybe not 8bit…


I just adjusted my graphics…


OLSSON 74 “Orkan”

(MasterDoggo)Olsson_-74__Orkan.car (51.5 KB)


Žnoprešk Z5046

Z5046_-_Export.car (65.5 KB)


Žnoprešk Z110CL

Znopresk_BA10_©_-Z100_CL.car (92.0 KB)


The 1985 Silverhare Pegasus 3.0XS

Silverhare_Pegasus_-_XS.car (64.5 KB)


The 1970 Bjork GT 350Y

Bjork_GT_(70)_-_350Y.car (40.2 KB)

Apologies if these two don’t seem great, they were the one’s that didn’t catch on fire after I uninstalled my mods. If you are interested I can easily adapt a 1960s economy sedan to be mod free, and am currently working on a mod-free 1980s minivan and full size pickup.


Zagato Corvetteome_Zagato_-_Concept_Corvette.car (75.7 KB)


Nice car but I’m not sure is this kinda work since Zagato and Corvette are trademarks.


OME_-MONZA-_Mille_Miglia.car (64.0 KB)


OME_-Alfa_Romeo-_Spider_II.car (58.0 KB)