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We’re updating the trailer for Automation and need your help!


OK, so just spent 15 minutes deselecting all of the mods…… #tedious!

Here’s the Cerberus with the boring-not-exactly-sporty rims…

Franklin_Cerberus_-_1800.car (43.4 KB)


Here’s few.

Baumann_880E_-_no_mods.car (33.1 KB)

Kiran_Jidosha_-_Base .car (42.3 KB)


I like this paint, I call it “Northern Lights” because of the hues it gives off.

NoahC_-_Yinzer_GoFaster_NL.car (34.7 KB)


The Baumann gives off Austin/MG vibes


BMMA Narwhal Mk.IV

BMMA_Narwhal_-_2_5_Gorizia.car (136.9 KB)


Lmao it was supposed to be German. But to be fair, I had to change the taillights and that made the car look very different


Only you can get triple figures file out of vanilla game :joy:


This whole process made me realize how heavily I’ve come to depend on mods LOL. Here’s the only car I had on hand that looked relatively the same w/o mods. Hopefully, the devs can get some use out of this! Glad to be able to help out with something that promotes this awesome game :smiley:

Aline GC35 FA Racing

GC35_-FAR(Vanillized).car (32.3 KB)


Žnoprešk Zenit 2.0

Znopresk_Zenit_CM20_-_Zenit_2_0.car (78.5 KB)


Žnoprešk Zap 1100S

Znopresk_BR10_©_-_Zap_1100S.car (93.2 KB)


Franklin Marshall Cuda 500 - FM_Cuda_-_500.car (45.4 KB)


Here’s another one of my mid-engined designs, but smaller and lighter - the DMS Cuneo Mk1:

DMS_Cuneo_Mk1_-_GT.car (35.1 KB)


Coincidentally entering this into Killrobs photo comp, here’s a completely mod free i hope Zephorus Kigore B6

Zephorus_-_Kigore_B6_Vanilla.car (54.9 KB)

Losing 30kb of detail sucks, and also there’s tearing everywhere but lets not talk about that


The 1956 Earl E-15 Workman

Don’t mind the gibberish file naming (if you’re even still accepting submits) as this is also to be used for a challenge.
G2R1-UT-patridam_-_Earl_E15_Workman.car (58.5 KB)


Crossposting to here. 2020 Huangdou Haiyang Sport.

Huangdou_Haiyang_Sport_-_Vanilla.car (63.1 KB)


Ninomiya Concept Nemesis

Urbanliner_-_Ninomiya_Concept_Nemesis.car (29.9 KB)


Hey all, thanks for submitting all your designs!!
I’ll let you know when the new trailer is recorded and I’ve picked the winning designs!!



Hey y’all guess what
yeah that’s right
I’ve finished recording the pretty car shots for the trailer!! We’re going to send the files off to our editor soon, and I’ll let you know when the updated trailer drops. In the mean time, out of 163 entries in Discord, and 34 entries from Discourse (that ratio, woof), here are the designs I picked:
From Discord:
@Yangx2 | Huangdou CV
@BlessthisMess | Iterin Ravok Turbo R
@randomtuner | Jupiter Grand Canyon
@Chickenbiscuit | LMC Seabeast
@ShoterXX | Kuruma Mirage Sport A85
@LursLeBolideur | NeoMotors Koncept Wagon Levande
@Secrane | Serpent Saguaro 2 Door
@Elizipeazie | Keika Kakute
@ConeDodger | Basingstroke Motor Vehicles Grand Templar
@NetBlitzer | Polaris Concept
@ShoterXX | Kuruma APX
@titleguy1 | Kimura Helruna SJ18
@GetWrekt01 | Vector Contra LT8
From Discourse:
@Jaimz | Franklin Cerberus 1800
@NormanVauxhall | BMMA Narwhal Mk.IV

I want to thank you all so much for submitting your designs, it was really hard to pick just a handful to use, and it really helps us showcase Automation’s potential, especially as things have improved so much since the original trailer :heart: