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Weight distribution slider


So the tittle is already pretty much self explanatory.
Engines in this game include the weight of all the accesories like radiators and batteries. And while in many cars this is real, many others (pretty much all mid-engine sportscars) move the radiator away from the engine.

Or for example, the BMW M3, which in spite of being a front engine car, has a 50:50 weight distribution. That´s pretty much impossible in game.
So what i´m asking for is a slider which modifies the weight distribution to give extra balance to the cars (at the expense of extra cost). That could be interpreted as moving the batteries and the radiator (or other ancillaries) away from the engine


To build upon this, an option for a Trans-axle would be more true to life and options for various levels of technology such as space savers and full spare wheels, which generally could affect fuel economy, cargo space etc, but this would have to be limited so that the engineering process isn’t so prolonged and monotonous.