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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


I don’t know much about VAG Europe and brand history and current events and stuff, but it sounds like VAG is going through a case of General-Motors-itis. Having too many brands that share stuff and not knowing how to manage it, so it ends up turning into a big dysfunctional family. Am I wrong?


Seat is the “sporty” and mediterranean brand of the group, according with VAG.


Surprised the Morgan Aero 8 isn’t here, considering its weird headlight placement


Because it’s unrespectfull to talk bad about ancients that are still alive.


Has the VehiCROSS been put here yet? I find it so disproportional… No disrespect towards it though. I like the Pontiac Aztek so I can’t say much.


AWS Shopper, based on the Goggomobil, built in West Berlin, around 1500 built.


That one’s actually a really cool car that deserves a serious power upgrade in the form of…

That concaved front end sheetmetal needs to be FIXED ASAP so those front headlights look normal.


It was just a matter of moving the headlights outwards. There’s already a shape there that could make the headlight flow, but no, they HAD to take the weird approach. Also, rarelly something becomes worse with this upgrade under the hood.


Aztek is question of choise. I’ve seen it in real life and it’s pretty funny car. (I think so, anyway)


Has anyone posted the Avalon here yet






The A I R S U C C looks good IMO, especially in the luxury models :joy:


This forum needs a downvote button, at least Reddit got something right


B I G S U C C is certainly the way stylists are choosing to do cars right now and it doesn’t by itself look bad but the way the Avalon has executed it is AWFUL!

They took some unrelated shapes and jammed them together. And then its just fucking blacked-out with absolutely nothing it. And they tried to put lines dark vertical lines into like they were trying to do some line work but the design is horizontally oriented. And they broke all the lines that the headlights, hood, and body form. AND its horribly disproportionate.

You know what? Hold my beer and let me fix this shit!

Fix #1


Fix #2


Fix #3


Fix #4


And this is just what I could come up with in about 20 minutes. I have no earthly fucking inkling of a shred of a minuscule iota of a clue how the hell Toyota’s stylists have had years to produce this design and at no point during those years did somebody look at it and go “Hey this basically violates all rules of composition and design.”

Anyways /rant. And sorry for rather bad shoops but I refuse to put more effort into this than Toyota did :roll_eyes:


Tbh I prefer the original vs. all but Fix #2, Fix #3 looks specifically bad.

But hey, you whipped 'em up in photoshop in 20 minutes so I should cut you some slack :b


But 2 and 3 look like gigantic smiles, so it’s all friendly and stuff…


I’ll ignore the fact that y’all are being a little unnecessarily rude towards my opinion because it isn’t what everyone else thinks… I like the original with the big grille, but I gotta say #4 should be the way it looked from the get go. It reminds me of the Toyota Crown grille which I love.


And I absolutely love this car :man_shrugging:


I really love that Toyota Crown grille. I think that it is the perfect size. Makes it look handsome. I also really like how the Avalon looks. But the grill might be a little bit too big. I like the 2012-2018 Avalon a bit better, but it looks a bit like a Corrolla. The right sized grill can make a car look handsome and muscular, but too big can make the car look like it wants to eat. Sorry if I’m too harsh to the Avalon.

Just saying…


I agree. I think the Toyota Crown would be an excellent car to bring to the US. However the Lexus GS already exists so there isn’t a reason. I would have designed the new Avalon to look like the Crown. It’s a dream car of mine even though I’m not Japanese… makes me kinda sad.

Oh well, I’ll buy a GS instead.


Yeah sorry bud. Humorously agitated doesn’t always translate very well the BBS posts. I’m not mad or trying to be disrespectful. I was trying to give a :wink: and an elbow and be like, Nahbro here’s why you’re wrong :smirk::stuck_out_tongue:.