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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


A proper sportscar like a 911 can tale launch controlled starts all day every day. It’s built to take that punishment. A Nissan GTR in it’s first iteration could destroy a gearbox in 1 to 6 launches and as soon as you turned the launch control on it would remove your warranty (a point in the owner’s guide book hidden deep in the pages talking about gauges and stuff). Newest versions have a much better gearbox… actually, no, no they don’t. That was a lie, it was barely improved and the whole box is considered a non servicable by Nissan, so a full replacement is in order. Nissan enthusiasts have found solutions to most problems that occur on hard launches, but hey, if you get to modify your gearbox then guess what, warranty is void :smiley:


So if you modify something not covered by a warranty it voids said warranty? Thats some great logic.


Nope you don’t get it. You get your brand new R35 GTR, and you want to launch it hard. To do so without exploding the box you have to modify the gearbox, that voids your warranty. If you do launch it without mods it voids your warranty. And it’s not gearbox exclusive warranty we’re talking about. Somebody at the factory dropped your ECU and it’s now faulty waiting to break down? Thats’ not under warranty anymore. And so on and so forth. You fix the gearbox and your WHOLE CAR is removed from the warranty. To lose it all you have to do is either modify the car or to activate launch control. It’s a lose-lose scenario


Wow this is some thread.

Lovers try to troll Veyron haters, they in turn troll the troll then they turn to the GTR and off we go on another trip of cancer and misery. Fucking hell, people are allowed to have their opinions, but if they’re blatantly stupid and are blindly believing things, then why waste your time trying to convince them when they don’t even want to hear you?


Unlike a private conversation the forum posts are viewed by many, so if somebody read this and found new information, or decides he wants to learn more, then it’s a success. I don’t expect a “Any car” fanboy to know what’s what, I don’t expect a technically illiterate person to do so aswell. But if somebody decides “I wonder what this guy is on about” and does his own research, then it’s a great feat, and time was not spent in vain.




Sure. I know, you know and many others know that you’re smart and your points are valid. Just because of that, coming off really aggressive and argumentative is going to leave people with a bad aftertaste, not knowledge. There’s no need to ram your know-how down everyone’s throats. People get butthurt and before you know it an academic discussion turns into a flame war


I’m allergic to stupid and uninformed statements. It provokes violent reactions :frowning: It’s not my fault, honest! I JUST WANT A FRIEND


To be fair he was the one who brought up the GTR.

Bringing up the GTR/Z06 in any discussion avout hyper/supercars is basically a death sentence.

If you thought this was bad go on /o/. If it’s not your car, expect an utter trashing.


Unless you drive an E65 BMW 7 series :smiley:


At which point this needs to be mentioned:

looks like a baby 7 series
fekkin ugly


It gets worse. I own a BMW, have owned several… now dig this - is that a 3 series? I think it is, but it could be a 5 series. You can never tell them apart these days.


corporate styling for ya

it’s so generic that it cracks me up every time :joy:


I like Audi very much.

*some SUV and styling unification*
I quite like Audi.

*informations about breaking down engines and moar wild-angle corporate styling*
Do I like Audi?..

Take this thing away from me :frowning:


For me one of the worst offenders in the corporate styling department is Mercedes, but not for the same reason as Audi.

Mercedes does have more unique looking cars in their model range, it’s just that well

The front of the A-Class looks like it belongs in a C-Class which isn’t exactly good when the A-Class is a small hatchback.
Basically the similarity has lead to the A-Class looking like the front of one car and the rearend of another smashed together.




Atleast they look good.


I disagree. I hate the blobby mess that Mercedes took its design direction in lately. I think the CLS is the last of their good looking cars, and that’ll change soon enough when it’s up for redesign…


Neither Mercedes nor BMW have submitted a genuinely handsome car to the market in years. Or really a reliable one (beyond maybe the diesels, but we don’t have too many of those stateside, and likely won’t. Thanks, Volkswagen. You done fucked it up for everyone)


On the topic, is it just me or do most BMWs on sale look like they belong in 2011?