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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


@KA24DE, I agree with @Speedemon, and then went and got a plastic surgery (or was taken to a Fisker dealership) They totally wronged Tesla cause they claimed they had the first long range electric cars when Tesla already had the Model S (with like 300 miles) when the Fisker Karma could only go about 50 miles before it had to charge again, and they won the lawsuit thrown at them by Tesla.

Served them right when they went bankrupt and shutdown in 2014.


what do you mean? It is labelled as the ugliest car ever on Youtube.




Well, first off, it can, judging by the laptimes.

But here’s the kicker. In the first post you’re shocked at the fact that a car that’s built for top speed GT cruising is not very good on a racetrack. In the second post you state that you CLEARLY REALIZE that veyron is a top speed GT car. So… you’re either an idiot who still hasn’t figured out that setting a car up for top speed stability will make it slower on the track and track is something Bugatti was not made for (Even though you’ve been explained that)… or just a very bad excuse for a troll. I’m not sure which one of those are you, or if you’re a mix of both, but you can see why I have no real desire to talk to you or to actually explain why all your complaints are pretty stupid (including the “expensive oil change” one). You’ll understand, won’t you?

IN ANY CASE! Looks who’s here!

Well you’ve had an eventful day. Is that a normal turn of events after you agree with @Speedemon ?

First off the stuff wrong with your post (All of it).

  1. Fisker Karma is not an electric car it’s a plug in hybrid with a 2 liter engine in it. It does not need to recharge to drive
  2. The lawsuit was absolutely not about who claimed the first long range car.
  3. If Fisker was found not guilty then they’re not guilty

You wanted a car company to fail? You sure you’re a car enthusiast?




I’m not going to agree with you now. I don’t want to be taken to a Fisker dealership


Why are people going to fisker dealerships because I talk to them??

What kind of powers do I have!!??


Not sure what you’re talking about. But I must leave now, because I should have a plastic surgery. I will talk to you later, when I call you from a Fisker dealership


hehehe you will all go to a fisker dealership



“I will go to a…” Wait! I already have a perfectly good car. Plus I don’t have the money to buy a Fisker anyway.


You should totally get a new face though …


What’s wrong with my face? Is it the crazy eyes?


The reason my two quotes look contradicting there is a context issue. When I said ,

I said that as a satire. Earlier I said that any car with the same power and drag as a Veyron will achieve the same speed. Then members kept implying that it isn’t that simple, and I’m downplaying the God-like engineering that went into the Veyron, and so on. So with that satire, I was implying that the Veyron doesn’t do the impossible or the unmatchable; unlike some people want me to believe.

I’m not sure why this whole Veyron discussion turned into this massive shitstorm. Maybe emotions were a little too strong from both parties, and I want to apologize for my part in that. I certainly didn’t want it to pan out like that.


Does not matter. You should have a plastic surgery. For the glory of Speedemon


######you are under the control of the potato mr. @BobLoblaw

######yOu wILL gO To A FisKEr DealERshIp


That’s a big call considering in the USA it’s usually the side with the best legal team that wins, NOT any basis in actual guilt or lack thereof! :innocent:

@CNCharger please come back and edit this travesty of a sentence so that the rest of us don’t catch inflammation of the cerebral cortex… :mask:


@HighOctaneLove iT Is To0 L@t3…

U w!ll g0 t0 f!Sk3r d3@leRsHIp…



I. Must. Go. To. A. Fisker. Dealership!
Wait a minute… Fisker doesn’t sell cars in Australia… I’m free!!! Free of your curse, @Speedemon!!! “Shakes fist in speedemon’s face”


:airplane: :ship:

YoU arE neVEr SafE…

YOu WIll gEt ON ThAt PlaNe…


…And I’m just standing here being able to respect the Veyron for what it is, a prestige monster built for top speed and be a car everyone wants dispite knowing nothing about it.