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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


Would you like a round of [smartass]applause[/smartass] to accompany your declaration?


Can we please have an adults only section please kiddies are fine and all but not when it comes to actual conversations between enthusiasts FFS


I see a shitstorm on the particular controversy erupting, would be amazing :joy:

Though I think it would even be worth people actually posting what they know and don’t know. Then you have grounds to be especially strict on things people claim to know but don’t, and lenient on things they don’t know and don’t pretend to know. Or something.

Also lol holy shit I’m sitting in traffic and the SUV directly behind me just got rear-ended like a boss.


OMG, the reason this thread blew up is precisely because not everyone wants a Veyron. Only an ignoramus would profess a deep desire for an item without knowing something about it first. Most people want a Veyron because it’s a status symbol; it’s very fast, very expensive and very exclusive. To know even that little bit about the Veyron invalidates your comment, let alone what was being agressively discussed in this thread!

I agree with KA24DE; despite it’s enormous achievements the Veyron doesn’t interest me either. Sure, the tech is cool and massive kudos to the engineers who built it however I don’t like it and I think it’s kinda pointless exercise in a world of restricted speed limits. For the record I believe this holds true for ALL supercars, not just the Veyron.

I also agree with Squidhead; the Veyron accomplished many automotive milestones and I love how it has two driving modes, top speed and handling mode. To do all that with an automatic transmission and a full luxury interior is, quite frankly, ludicrously cool and I feel that the engineers achieved all that just to give a big middle fingered salute to Piech and all the haters!

In my opinion, the greatest car ever made is the Toyota 86; everyone can own one and everyone can have a quick, stylish and fun driving car for the price of a boring sedan or hatch. Anything more than this and you’re wasting money for a capacity you can’t legally tap on the street.

The Lexus LFA is also very cool; the only flappy paddle car I’d be willing to own!!! :heart_eyes:


I can’t wait to put F4s and I5s in every car :wink:


Yup, I’m looking forward to having so much choice that I’ll have to start whole new companies just to enjoy them all!!!


The thing you said about it being a status symbol IS my point, I didn’t mean that its something literally everyone wants while knowing literally nothing about it, that was an exaggeration, but to say the kinds of people who faun over the Veyron know every little thing about it would also be far from true, from what I’ve seen the kinds of people who obsess over the veyron tend to by the kinds of people who are kinda into cars but dont know the difference between a wheel and a tire, while in the more car enthusiast type communities its either admired for its engineering feats or just flat out hated for being nothing special. When it comes to a status symbol car its important the majority of people faun over it rather than just enthusiasts. For example while there are certainly better performing hypercars they just dont tend to be quite the attention whore that a Veyron is.


What are you even on about??? :confused:


Then you should have said that instead of making a snarky remark like this:

Then following it up with an ignorant…

You were just trying to stir up further controversy when everyone else had dropped the subject. If you truly want to stay a member of this community then you need to drop the shit stirring; it’s unproductive and makes enemies out of potential friends.


I assure you stirring up shit was not my intention, regardless I am sorry. Saying this:

was a way of trying to get people to accept what it is.

I’m saying that while the veyron isn’t the fastest car around a track it still attracts a lot of attention. What other 10 year old hypercar attracts this much attention? Do you see people arguing about the Koennigsegg CCX or even the 1:one on a regular basis?


The fact that you even brought them up is proof enough that people know about them. It’s impossible to not know about Pagani, SSC, Koenigsegg, or Hennessey. For starters they all have been mentioned in Top Gear, one of the most watched car shows of all time. They routinely stir up controversy and grab headlines because they push the limits of performance.


What is this 2008? No one likes the Veyron that much anymore. You are basing this off an outdated stereotype.

And pray tell what cars are enthusiasts supposed to like? What cars are the mark of an educated enthusiast?


I’m not saying enthusiasts have to like certain cars, just not constantly fawning over certain cars for stupid reasons that are often false.


And what exactly is false about the Veyron’s achievements? Did it not to do 400 km/h? Did it not do 1:16.80 on the TG Test Track?

Why is it so hard to admit it’s a good car? It never failed to deliver it’s promises. It drove well according to pretty much every reviewer and even impressed Gordon Murray of the Mclaren F1 fame.


the Veyrons achievements are perfectly valid and further more I actually DO think it is a good car and delivering on its promises itself is impressive given how it started especially due to the fact that the amount of horsepower was predetermined along with its 0-60 and top speed times by someone who was no engineer and quite possibly didn’t even know if those figures would be achievable with 1000 horsepower. That doesnt change that a lot of people who are into cars hate it and many people who are sort of into cars are in love with it. I am personally of the opinion that the Veyron did everything it was meant to and then some. I actually feel that a lot of enthusiasts don’t give it the credit it deserves.


Because normal people don’t ever go to race tracks, but on the street the Veyron reigns supreme?

I do.

A lot of people who are into cars don’t know jack about what cars are, and are actually kids who haven’t seen driving outside Forza. I’d not put much faith into what you read on Jalopnik or CT.


So do I ever since the SS and One:1 came out. Made me appreciate it much more for what it is.

I mean when you beat an Ascari A10 and Gumpert Apollo R on run flat tires, it certainly gives it some performance credit.


The front is decent, the back is not great…

Sad to see companies that were so great turn bad like this.


Like your choice to talk to me…
You know what happens.

But I would be interested in a Miata competitor from MG, and it to go back from being Chinese/British to just British like the good old days.


No, you’d like a Fisker @Microwave