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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


G35s are almost never stock here. Same for 350Zs. They all seem to have the same 4 inch exhaust (possibly with a test pipe), oversized alloys, blackout tinting, and LEDs everywhere.

Basically this, but with more LEDs.


NFSMW had a bloody punto. Talk about filler :smile:


I guess I may be the only person to pick the Punto as their career car on MW :joy:


I’d do it just to be different, but then again, MW was one of the few NFS titles I never got around to playing :joy:


Isn’t that a triumph herald?


It’s a Ford Anglia (not that there’s much Anglia left)


what adam said. nothing like a Herald.


Anyone see the Maserati Levante yet?

So much nope.

  1. Maserati SUV. Enough said.
  2. Corporate-image copy-paste is real.
  3. Disproportionate. The long nose and short rear don’t flow with each other at all in this design.


I like it…


For me Alfa Romeo Stelvio, which seems to be the same construction, looks far, far better.


Well you don’t have to state the obvious. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah, that just makes me go …seriously!?

Maserati Levante somehow got featured on Assetto Corsa as free content. They’re pimping hard, I see. A Cayenne beater? I have my doubts.


While the front and rear at least look like they’re from the same car (so already better than Maserati)… I still can not get past the Alfa beak / triangle. It is… horrible.

Corporate image spam is pain.

Apparently a German disease since it seriously affects all of their brands. Not to say others aren’t doing it too though.


What the absolute herpes is that rear window drooping below the front window level like that? Front and rear from different cars?


Perhaps not styling wise, but not a million miles from the truth when you consider the front end is pretty much just C3.


Let’s talk about interiors for a while.

I don’t get why (at least ten years ago or so) people called american interiors uninspired or ugly, especially dodge/chrysler interiors.

But like… really I don’t get it. Sure they might be slightly bland but at least I think they look semi-nice whereas:

Did/Do people really think this chinese cheap flip phone plastic crap looks good? Am I alone?


They’re certainly more user friendly than the scroll wheel on other vents


Reviewers actually often said good things about the Panda’s interior. Apparently everything feels quite high quality. I certainly think it’s the best looking there and don’t think it’s crap by any means.


I didn’t really know where to say this but:

I was thinking earlier today, the Dacia Logan MCV is on sale here, but I haven’t seen a single one, why aren’t they popular? People here like cheap, basic stuff (try finding a top spec used car of any brand on the used market, you can’t) so you’d think they’d be pop. They’re at least 1/3 less than the next estate up, right?

Well I discovered why.

Even on the website of Dacia they advertise the price difference of the Logan MCV compared to the closest rivals and the massive price difference from a Dacia MCV to a Škoda Fabia Combi / Seat Ibiza ST (same price) is a whopping (drum roll please) 1800€


to go from this:

to this

So you only need to pay 1800€ more (so ~15.000€ instead of ~13.000€) to get amazing resale value, more reliable products, brand new products, automatic windows, heated seats, proper seat adjustment, split folding seats, an infotainment system, a colour other than white, alloy wheels, celebrated styling, ergonomic interior, good quality plastics, etc. for only 1800€ more.

Why do they even try


Gotta defend the Dacia there, owning a Sandero myself

  1. Dacias tend to have excellent reliability, especially due to not having loads of unneccessary stuff that can break down.
  2. Due to point 1, they’re also at the very top when it comes to resale value.
  3. The very basic Logan MCV you likely were referring to goes for 8290€ around here, according to Dacia’s price listing.
    The top-of-the-line stepway sensation 90hp diesel model goes for 14840€ but it has quite the list of featues (see above link)
    The Skoda Fabia Combi 90hp diesel in the basic trim without any additional features goes for 16800€

My Sandero (2010 Stepway Laureate), out of the features you listed, has

  • automatic windows at the front (new one also has it at the back afaik)
  • split folding seats
  • a 4 speaker cd radio (which to me is totally sufficient). The new ones have all that modern infotainment thingy stuff.
  • a color other than white, actually metallic gray
  • alloy wheels
  • (?) ergonomic interior (?) how do you measure that? It’s pretty comfy.

Never really had a reliability issue with it. I had Renault mechanics say the Sandero is the most reliable car they have.

Enough the rant, continue on :slight_smile: