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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


Seems most of the body was taken from a Hudson Commodore:

Then run through an ugly machine. Sliding doors are a nice feature, though.


The Ford Ecosport is a rare case of a car looking much worse in real life than in pictures, as pictures tend to make it look more car-like. Because I just saw one live yesterday and it just looks like a toy. Like someone took an old edge and just put it in a trash compactor, it doesn’t look real.

Understandably no-one has bought it here, it’s an old fiesta that probably has the highest roll over possibility of any car currently on sale plus worse build quality and worse looks. For the price of a brand spanking new Peugeot 3008


Lol its absolutely that !!!

A guy in my town drives one and it looks like a RC car :joy: :joy: :joy:


Toyota C-HR

What appears to be a cobbled together entry into the ever proliferating crossover segment, and especially a rushjob to compete with the Honda HR-V. It looks like the Rav4’s deformed little brother, the raked roofline cuts cargo capacity relative to it as well. And then there’s the rear doors with their odd proportions, tiny windows, and door handles that are almost on the roof. Were the designers just trying to be as edgy as possible (in more ways than one)?


to me it looks like a Rav 4 got a Honda Civic into trouble at a drunken party and this is the result


Speaking of toy cars:
This one’s getting apparently rare. Not the prettiest thing Mazda has created, but…

… no, I’m actually not sure whether it’s weirdly likeable or likely weird. But it definitely solves the question of what was first: THE EGG.


Still see quite a few of these around town. Strangely enough if I wanted a shitbox beater, this’d be high on my list.


Why do I want to build a racecar out of that


why do I want to daily it?


I actually think it looks pretty good, although the handles are f*cked up


The handles are still perfectly usable. They’re not the only cars to have high mounted door handles.


Depends. I’m 175cm tall and they’re just under eye level for me which certainly doesn’t make it practical to use.


Yeah I didn’t see that from that perspective (no pun intended)

I"m 1.83 so ig it’s usable


I’m 192cm
All small cars are awful.


lol I can imagine XDD

my dad drives a seat leon and a clio and its so small :sweat_smile:


Out of pure curiosity, have you had a look around one irl or at a dealership? I’m about 6ft and they’re perfectly fine.


Although the jilted soccer moms that buy them may find that their progeny are too small to open them unassisted.


I guess it has a reason why I`ve never seen this one on the road before yesterday …

ugly. Nothing else to say.


Well, its a Utility vehicle, hard to be really stylish ^^

Personally I find it looking good, apart from the front lights that look kinda old, the windows are large and I think it looks good, plus it offers visibility, the grille looks modern, nothing bad really on this car.


I know someone who owns one and I travel in the backseat of that every few weeks, really, really claustrophobic in the back, and it’s rly odd to open a door with your hand in front of your chin