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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


If I’m not wrong that’s just a rebadged car, either also sold as a Citroen Berlingo/Peugeot Partner or a Skoda Roomster, and if you’ve not seen either of those then…


That’s correct the fiat Qubo / Citreon Berlingo / Peugeot Partner / Opel combo and the same goes for the Mercedes citan and renault kangooo… if i remember correctly.

And lastly you could say the same thing about the volkswagen caddy and skooda roomster.


ahem, that’s the Skoda Marc Bolan’s Lounge, to you


Seen a Roomster once here in Canada. It’s fuck ugly.


Yeah no doubt in that.


I don’t mind em


At least it’s not a Mercedes Vaneo


Renault Espace iv weird and bad…perhaps not so bad.
I can talk from experience xD


I think its really good looking ^^
the 2017 model is quite ugly tho


Although it’s not amazing I would say that it’s one of the few examples where I feel the brand has actually succeeded with blending an MPV with SUV styling, compared to the many failed examples there are out there


I think the idea itself to mix MPV and SUV is a mistake lmao


Disagree massively, in fact, I find all the modern Renaults quite nice looking


they gettin they mojo back


But they’re definitely weird, at least in a good way

Like i think i mentioned it earlier in the thread that I saw a new Scenic live and it looks unreal like a concept car, same applies to the talisman and espace.


Oh look… Land Rover made a Murano CrossCabriolet.

For reference;


Wasn’t there a convertible version of the Evoque, or did they not get around to it until recently? Is that the Evoque or Discovery Sport? At this point, I can’t tell the 2 apart anymore.


Evoque convertible, I’ve seen one IRL, its a bit weird tbh


I’ve never really realized before but every single picture on MINI’s website or official picture for MINI is from a diagonal angle or from the side, and not a single one is directly from the front.

There’s a reason for this:



I kind of like the new Civic, but the lower half of the car is way overstyled, the worst offender being the gratuitous huge faux-vents


that car looks better in real life, imo it doesn’t photograph well