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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


BMW and Volvo are good about that, making the cars similar and unique to other companies but I will admit as much as I love my VWs they make just bland cars that could be any companies


Maybe more like corporate hegemony amirite hahahahaha

Disclaimer: will buy a car that is different just to be different


USDM lamborghini countach

What did they do to you.


Americuh needz saef kars.


Safety regulations.


Poor E21 :sob:


5-mph-bumpers have ruined too many cars. Same with sealed beam light regulations.

America: ruining cars since… whenever it is they started stupid regulations.


US laws had a pretty bad effect on the Maserati Khamsin

vs the beautiful original version




If there is a silver lining, once they’re legal, you can just convert them back to the euro spec parts by ordering them overseas. Especially nowadays with global online shopping.


The bumper can be overlooked a bit, but those lights… heresy!


rover SD1
US spec

vs Rest of the world



Definitely a blasphemy. Here’s another fun fact about US regulations: When a car is given it’s crash test safety rating, it’s based off the passengers not wearing seat belts. So not only does your car have to be safe, it has to be while you’re not wearing the belt. Every other country bases their ratings on the passengers wearing seat belts. (Bashing my forehead on the dash when Dad slammed on the brakes taught me at an early age about wearing seat belts) I also find it interesting to note that while vehicle safety standards keep going up, so do traffic fatalities. So perhaps these safety measures aren’t as effective as we are led to believe.


You know maybe houses should also be thief proof when the doors are unlocked, or people should be able to survive a sinking ship without lifeboats or vests


Uhhh nope in the US its with seatbelts on. But we do still have some stupid regulations on cars…


I still want to know how having a manual version of a car means that both the manual and automatic need different safety tests or some bullshit (I believe that is the reason the manual is now ded)


Thats what I was trying to say lol


Logic would dictate that new crash tests would be needed in response to structural changes. I didn’t realize that the transmission was a structurally integral component. sarcasms internally
But these are the same people that passed up things like the fully solar roof on the 3rd gen Prius which would improve efficiency for a marginal safety increase.


why tf are the taillights so low


Beats me, I put that under the stupid regulations.