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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


What I think is a very important thing in a car is how the steering wheel looks, yea, minor detail kinda but you do look at it quite a lot and it’s relatively big in the interior. So it better look at least decent.
I want everyone elses opinion on this too, so post your own candidates for ugliest steering wheels:

Aston Martin steering wheel:


  • Why did Aston keep this steering wheel right until the db11?
  • Why is the badge on it so ridiculously small?
  • Why is there an indented chrome ring slapped on the middle with a sideways pokéball pattern?
  • Why is it so oddly “flat”?

Original Porsche Cayenne:


  • Im sure I don’t have to give reasoning for this
  • Why is it just like… a triangle
  • Why are the buttons there and why do they stick out like that
  • Why are there just three random dimples on the top of the center
  • Why are the panel gaps so big

Mercedes S-Class 2014 / Kia Picanto 2011:


  • Doesn’t every driver just want to be greeted by a happy smiling clown when they get in their car?
  • Plus a quivering bottom lip?


The Mercedes and Kia ones look pretty good ^^

I never liked the look of porsches anyway


what even


it’s Citroen. it’s been like that since the 2CV


The best steering wheel design ever designed :slight_smile:


Its… kinda cool actually.


Don’t you dis Citroën’s single spoke steering wheels!

I would love to own one of these someday :heart_eyes:


I suddenly feel the urge to find out how sturdy it is if you push against it at the top of the wheel. :thinking:


there must be a metal reinforcement in it


I own a Citroen CX 25 GTI Turbo and it is pretty amazing :grin:



I would absolutely love to own a CX one day. Especially a wagon.




Best one, but so rare that I won’t even set that goal for myself.


So uhh VW came out with a new overpriced POS and from the front it’s near identical to the Fiat Tipo


Even the rims match


Also kind of looks like a less aggressive Ford Edge

inb4 all modern cars look the same


all moder-FUCK


New Porsche Cayenne

Why is the camera/sensor put there so obviously it completely interrupts the design



Haha oh look it’s me again the most frequent poster on this thread

Has anyone else seen the Alfa Stelvio live yet? Cause I saw one on the street today and I must say it looks much much better irl than in pictures, I find it looks a bit awkward in pics and I don’t remember how this forum feels about that car


I’ve seen it briefly once, so I can’t really say anything special, but… I like that car, it looks good for me, despite being an SUV/crossover/whatever.


One of the weirdest looking car I have ever seen.