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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


I don’t think this has been posted yet, and I don’t know how.

This thing is seriously fucking disgusting, and anyone that has had the displeasure of seeing one IRL will know that it looks approximately 0% better than in photos, and infact looks even worse. It’s super tall, narrow, and the license plate is off to the side like the original ones, except they executed it really, really poorly. Anyone who buys one of these might as well be classed as legally fucking blind.


It was posted but like 6 months ago so not a crime to bring it back up

What is a crime is the design though that’s agreeable


What the Hell is that monstrosity?!


Modern Land Rover


Reminds me of

Fitting for the month of October.


What I don’t get is why they bothered. They already have the Evoque, and they’re gonna make a new Defender.Seems like they’re cannibalizing their own. But that’s nothing compared to the Murano CrossCabriolet 2.0, er i mean Evoque Convertible…


I’m quite amazed that the BMW i3 hasn’t found its way into this thread yet - I think it actually manages to be ever so slightly uglier that a Fiat Multipla.

Also, the 1951 Hoffmann just HAS to be in here:


I think it was noted how much of a pain how hard finding tires for that car will be in 10 years. Most cars with skinny tires aren’t running wheels that big.


Huh - I would never have spent so much as a single thought on that, but yes, it kinda figures. Then again, when you look at the Hoffmann’s and the BMW’s wheels, they seem to have pretty similar dimensions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like the i3, just not it’s ass.


A while ago I ridiculed the Ford Ecosport, its looks and proportions, the fact it was an expensive old fiesta, etc.


Well at least now it looks better and it has the new fiesta interior so it’s not that bad anymore


No, it’s pretty bad :rofl:


I mean, yeah but when comparing… :wink:

But yeah it’s pretty bad, better fit for this thread

EDIT: Just discovered the 2017 Impreza

What happened




Looks like an average post-2005 Subaru…

…just recycled way too many times.


Facelifted Toyota Camry. Much like the Corolla, they had a good design, but they fucked it up.


Wha… what? Why?


I like it tho…


Why the front comes from at least 3 different cars?


Looks like it got Lexus’s sloppy seconds if you ask me.