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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


Is it bad I want it


I’m not a Honda guy by any stretch, but I find it rather intriguing myself.


Those things. Bleh.

Honda has successfully created the worlds first crossover CUV. That’s right a Crossover Crossover-Utility-Vehicle !

Because you know… we crossed lines that shouldn’t have been crossed which made new lines. So naturally we gotta cros those too. :persevere:


CUV means compact utility vehicle fyi

nevermind, I’ve been lied to my whole life


Crossover CUV

That’s on par with Land Rover Discovery Sport - a sports SUV


Panamera is exactly what I thought. What a mess!

Something about that shoulder line down the side as well… For a start, it’s an innie, not an outie.

Second, the front door handles line up with it but the rears don’t. That would drive me crazy.


I used to hate the i3 with a passion, but my dad bought one and it’s such a good car that the looks have grown on me quite a bit.

I don’t like most of the alloys though, or the 2-tone bodywork. I asked as a joke in the dealership whether they sold it with body-coloured bumpers - the salesman said “no, but you can have a bumper-coloured body?”, which frankly suggests they get asked that all the time.

In all-black with the right wheels they look pretty cool and chunky if you ask me

The front is still a mess, but it looks better in person than in pictures. The double kidney grille is incorporated very clumsily and always reminds me of the pigs from Angry Birds


It really is uncanny.

I’m surprised the latest facelift didn’t rein in the nose a bit, BMW facelifts are a bit of a mixed bag but they did a fairly nice job on the 5-series.


Bad cars? Oh boy here we go!

Here’s my question: what do all of these Ford’s and Lincoln’s have in common?



They all have Ford’s infamous 5R55 transmission. What is so bad you ask? These transmissions are made of glass. They are known for failing their solenoids, slipping from 2-3 and losing all together 3rd gear, overheating, only using 2nd gear and more. This may not sound too bad, but the real problem lies in how early and how often they occur.


La Sir Vival, made on Hudson base


Early 80s Cadillac Seville diesel…

Weird? Check.
Bad? Check.
Ugly? Check.

Wonderful comfort when they weren’t broken though :stuck_out_tongue:
My aunt had one in the 90s, minimal risk of meeting another one in northern Sweden… :smiley:


At least it has a nice retro rear end.


Well, time to represent my country the best way I can;

The Vinci GT. Our personal idea of a supercar. Engine-wise, the idea was sound; a 6-liter Corvette small-block! Until the engineering team behind the Vinci mated it to its transmission; a 4-speed automatic (also taken from a 'Vette). Oops…

To top it all off, two lovely facts; the design was described by journalists as the “meeting between a 550 Maranello and a sperm whale”. Also, when it was presented in front of the then Prime-Minister José Socrátes in Boavista, it refused to start.

You might be surprised to hear its planned run of 50-100 models never happened. Or then again, you might just nod and go “yap”. Whichever suits you better. :stuck_out_tongue:


That looks like someone’s first Automation car on a C5 body


Don’t look at the Vinci’s interior then, that idea might stick like glue to your brain;

Effort spent making interior unique: Wasn’t bothered/10


idk why, but the steering wheel is oddly a little disturbing to me…

I wish these made it to production. They’re actually pretty cool from certain angles. Like a cooler Solstice before there were Solstices.



More new cars that look like the Fiat Tipo (Ps: what did you do BMW?)


The Mercedes C-class 203-series (circa 00-07)…
It’s not ugly and it’s not weird. It didn’t have to be bad either, it was wonderful to drive, comfortable, good handling, was one of the safest cars on the market in its time, easy to wrench on and it really gave you the feeling of build quality.

But why did it had to stay at the feeling?

You could live with the electrical gremlins and the front suspension that ate bushings and joints for breakfast. But for a car that was as expensive as this, there is absolutely no excuse for a body that’s as weatherproof as an unpainted cardboard box. The paint could be peeled off by hand as time passed by, with water trapped underneath (!), front fenders, doors, sills, rear wheelarches, tailgate under license plate and rear window, floor and crossmembers (hidden under plastic panels so hard to notice until too late), there was not a single part that wasn’t affected by the brown pest…

Clearly one of the car purchases I regret the most. Which is sad, because as a car it was really lovely.


But but mUh GeRmAn QuALiTy!!!1!1!!1!!!


Old mercs was unbreakable, my grandfather bought a 1971 220D in 1973 that he drove 1.1 million kilometers with, then my aunt drove it for some years in the late 80s/early 90s. Sure, it was pretty worn out everywhere by then, but with that mileage I guess that it’s OK…

The early 00s seems to be a low watermark for MB. Sad, because I remember how impressed I was about them by then, much drooling in car magazines for me in my early teens, and I still think that it is one of their best periods design-wise…


Late 1990s and 2000s Mercs do not age well. At all.

For lack of a better way to describe it, Mercs from that era look “weathered” by 2018. The paint is dull; the seams and lines don’t match up anymore; the plastic trim pieces rattle around and fall off; the body panels almost look dented. Its the same exact look that contemporary GM cars have. That look that you don’t see on contemporary Toyotas and Hondas.