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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


Is it bad I want it


I’m not a Honda guy by any stretch, but I find it rather intriguing myself.


Those things. Bleh.

Honda has successfully created the worlds first crossover CUV. That’s right a Crossover Crossover-Utility-Vehicle !

Because you know… we crossed lines that shouldn’t have been crossed which made new lines. So naturally we gotta cros those too. :persevere:


CUV means compact utility vehicle fyi

nevermind, I’ve been lied to my whole life


Crossover CUV

That’s on par with Land Rover Discovery Sport - a sports SUV


Panamera is exactly what I thought. What a mess!

Something about that shoulder line down the side as well… For a start, it’s an innie, not an outie.

Second, the front door handles line up with it but the rears don’t. That would drive me crazy.


I used to hate the i3 with a passion, but my dad bought one and it’s such a good car that the looks have grown on me quite a bit.

I don’t like most of the alloys though, or the 2-tone bodywork. I asked as a joke in the dealership whether they sold it with body-coloured bumpers - the salesman said “no, but you can have a bumper-coloured body?”, which frankly suggests they get asked that all the time.

In all-black with the right wheels they look pretty cool and chunky if you ask me

The front is still a mess, but it looks better in person than in pictures. The double kidney grille is incorporated very clumsily and always reminds me of the pigs from Angry Birds


It really is uncanny.

I’m surprised the latest facelift didn’t rein in the nose a bit, BMW facelifts are a bit of a mixed bag but they did a fairly nice job on the 5-series.


Bad cars? Oh boy here we go!

Here’s my question: what do all of these Ford’s and Lincoln’s have in common?



They all have Ford’s infamous 5R55 transmission. What is so bad you ask? These transmissions are made of glass. They are known for failing their solenoids, slipping from 2-3 and losing all together 3rd gear, overheating, only using 2nd gear and more. This may not sound too bad, but the real problem lies in how early and how often they occur.