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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


MG still exists?

Sorry here in 'Murica we never got them.


I like It new Toyota designs.


It seems that its designers spent too much time playing Angry Birds, and used the game’s titular avians as inspiration for its exterior design.



Design inspiration for the Kia?


Aston Martin V8 Cygnet - the perfect Automation / BeamNG “franken-car” to build!



*projectile vomiting


I still want to know what possessed the customer who apparently asked Aston to make this. My favorite mental story is that his wife divorced him, but not before leaving his beloved Vantage in pieces and her crummy woman’s Toyota behind.
Instead of raging and destroying the Toyota, he went “oh yeah? Then your bloody purse will become my Vantage!”. Obviously this is very unlikely but man, it still sounds funny…


Wait, it’s a Customer car?

That changes everything I thought about that


Er, if you don’t mind me asking, were your previous thoughts positive, or negative?

Regardless, yes, it is a customer’s car. A customer who, according to Top Gear, was already the happy owner of a Vulcan. Although even TG believes the whole thing is more Aston’s own doing.

I suppose sometimes a naturally-aspirated, rear-wheel-drive V12 track monster just doesn’t spike your heartbeat well enough…


Indeed!™ One has to wonder. But in fairness, there are plenty of precedents for stuffing a huge engine in a small body - 427 Cobra immediately springs to mind, and many others.

@Vri404 I’m curious as well. What were your thoughts before/after? LOL


I thought it was some “We have too much free time, let’s do something stupid” project for the engineers, but now knowing it’s a customer car, it kinda lessens the impact to me, but changes it slightly, into a more “This guy’s insane and I want to meet him” vibe, rather than a fun project vibe.


There was that Golf that Volkswagen stuffed a W12 engine into… Good power but couldn’t corner for shit.


Funny story about that, when I saw it on TG when I was a kid I thought it was the coolest…

Then I made my parents let me check the back of every Golf I saw and check if it was a W12 :joy:

(Also did this with Touregs and the V10 model)


You’re getting extra kudos from me for that Kaientai reference (that “TM” doesn’t pop up there for random reasons, after all). And, precedents are aplenty. But ones that truly start with the manufacturer and use manufacturer parts are that bit cooler.

On the topic of cool and answering to Vri, first off thanks for clarifying. Secondly, while it does kinda lessen the impact, the sheer amount of engineering that went into stuffing Vantage innards into an engine bay, one which never had anything larger than an anemic 1.3-litre engine, stil makes it grand in both ways. While the interior is a bit barren, the rest of the car does not feel (or look) lazy. It’s certainly worthy of the Q brand.

And speaking of manufacturer little Q-ships, this whole talk brought up a deep car memory within me. A Mercedes project, made entirely by (likely bored) trainees who stuffed an E550 V8 with 385 horses… into a B200 CDI body.

Now that’s one car class bending I would not have minded, Germany…


Baby R63 :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, that’s cool, but totally unintentional. Apparently, I used the word so often when speaking that my co-workers called me out on it one time (in a good-natured way, of course). LOL Since then, I’ve been trademarking it every time I type or text it. :joy:

I think a B55 could be my next Automation/BeamNG project car!

I’m probably going to get a lot of heat for this one, but I thought this car was weird:

It’s certainly not bad, and definitely not ugly. The shape, they say is intentionally designed to stand out from other hypercars (mission accomplished) and it totally works for me lol, but…


Haha, that’s actually amazing. I not aware the word was such an integral part of your real-life speech! Here’s hoping me bringing up wrasslin’ did not ruin your grasp on the word itself, haha. :sweat_smile:

And please do an AutomationNG B55, that would be wonderful to see. You got my approval, at least…

As for the IE… I don’t hate it, but it’s very in-your-face styling-wise.
The weirdest things I can find in it are the 3D-printed exhaust (wonder how will that hold up with many backfires), the gold rims on the Goodwood example (they were black in the promo shots!)…
And how it’s a hypercar with the most Italian surname you could have, yet it’s a project backed by a Hong Kong bizman, based around the dead ashes of a German hypercar…


The Cygnet V8’s appeal is precisely in its silliness and uselessness; it’s a symbol of your wealth and success that you can buy a useless V8 supercar hatchback that is bad at being a hatchback and bad at being a supercar. Supercars are already, from a practical standpoint, useless, but the Cygnet takes it a step further and makes its own uselessness explicit.


Ssangyon Actyon Chief Designer dont like the job he got


Crossover coupe before it was a trend. And yes, I know that AMC Eagle exists.