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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


Since you revived this thread in particular I’m gonna shoehorn in the new Kia Proceed (yay they dropped the apostrophe) here not because it looks ugly or it’s bad (we can’t know really since it isn’t out) but the concept is a whole lotta weird. And I like it.


Kia figured that 3 door hatches weren’t really selling in Europe anymore so they replaced their 3 door warm hatch with a 204hp 5 door shooting brake as the top model of the Ceed range. Why? Why not I guess. I already want one.


Me, if I were looking for a brand new family car:

“Oh, hello my new Kia!” :smiley:


“Buy a 1994 Toyota Celica” (Scotty Kilmer)


following the kia right up there, the veloster was such a beautiful car, but it can be easily overthrown by a volks up on a race


[chokes on beer]

Say WHAT!?

The design is simultaneously over-the-top and boring. Lots of new-fangled shapes and edges that all merge defeatedly into a formless blob. And the blob is pear shaped with weird rear end and asymmetrical doors. The Veloster isn’t exactly the ugliest thing ever, but it definitely is one of the most “What the fuck?” things ever.


i like it, pulling out the doors, I find the car beautiful, it got a bad boy face


I really don’t like the look of the latest generation Honda Odyssey. It looks overstyled, and the rear of it is just downright ugly. That chrome strip is a lot further down than it should be.



IMO the Odyssey has been ugly since 2005. If you’re buying a minivan go Chrysler all the way, Town and Country or the gorgeous Pacifica!


I’m a Sienna man myself. They’ve got the looks down, and it’s great to drive. I’ve spent a lot of time behind the wheel of my dad’s 2013 Sienna.


3.5 V6 is such a good engine Lotus used it! (Or maybe because it’s cheap, either or)


The 2GR V6 is a very good engine. It’s reliable, powerful (300 horsepower on 91 RON/87 AKI in the new Camry), and very smooth.


For sure! There’s no doubting that the Sienna is a great van and the 2GR is a great engine. Unkillable, smooth as a V12 and powerful. I like the Siennas, it’s just to me, they don’t really have a character. Too no-nonsense. I’d consider owning one though!

Also because Ima. Chrysler guy I’d like to cheekily bring up that the Pentastar 3.6 is aaaaalmost as reliable, just as powerful and more fuel efficient than the 2GR. And I like it’s sound better. So it’s a pretty fair comparison! Ahaha




Yes… but the rest of the car is built by FCA.

I’ll take the Toyota, thanks.


I’ve always thought the Chevy Spark was cute (up to 2015) but I’m not so sure about the new one

Brings to mind mid-00’s Peugeot


Why would you want to be reminded of… ugh


Holy crap. It’s like a Pontiac Aztek and a rabid wolverine bumped uglies!


I like it. It’s definitely weird, but a Citroën should be weird. Yes, I know, officially not a Citroën, bulls…


Brasil market got a huge amount of ugly and weird cars, wait till I get some time to show some


I’m gonna be honest, I think Chevy ruined almost all their models…