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Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars


I cant define my feelings for that car:

excuse me wtf what the necessities for that secondary headlights
ps: the two headlights can be considered secondary or primary
its a weird card without being that ugly


Reminds me of the 2014-2018 Jeep Cherokee. Polarizing sure, but I like it a lot.


i like that one, its weird but seems kinda nice, the one Don Corleone would like


this one is a 94’ car, someone call it like a mafia car, but i only see a car with AIDS’


The AMC Pacer: An interesting side note of what could have been.

When the Pacer was in development, the original plan was to use the rotary engine that General Motors was developing. When Gm scrapped the project, AMC redesigned the front end to house their inline 6 motors. It does bring about an interesting what if question. If GM had proceeded with their Wankel engine project and this was put into the Pacer. Could the Pacer today have been viewed with similar enthusiasm to the RX7? (Another interesting side note, Delorean was originally considering putting a rotary engine in the DMC-12 but opted not to due to fuel economy and emissions concerns.)

Personally I think this car could look pretty sweet with a chop top. Run that roof line down for a sleeker appearance. Then maybe cram a 390 or 401 in it for good measure.


I think I know why the tiny-headlight-huge-foglight trend caught on - maybe it’s cheaper to have really minimal LEDs and stick all the cheap halogens in the big foglight instead of having one big expensive LED light or one big ugly halogen.


90’s Chrysler automatics, particularly on the minivans, are the only transmissions in the world that can compete with late 90’s Honda automatics.

No, that’s not a compliment. To either company.


There’s a reason for the Chrysler ones (and I think Honda too.)

They require Mopar-specific fluid. If you use regular trans fluid, you’re screwed. And I think a lot of people may have given those transmissions a bad name because they use the wrong fluid.


Honda yes, Chrysler no. Chrysler uses 7176 ATF. Plain-jane ATF+4 from any parts store not only contains the same additives as 7176D, but it exceeds the lifespan performance of the Chrysler ATF.

Of course, that didn’t stop either trans from being a POS. I now know 3 people (out of 4 Accords) fromm '98 to '02 whose trans went kaboom at about 80k. I know that 2 of those were dealership maintained from day one.

That’s not to say that ALL trans of those type are garbage tho. There are plenty of both running upwards of 150-200k on their originals. But their failure rates are abnormally high, so that’s why they’re well known.

Just like Subaru EJ25D’s go through head gaskets as fast as timing belts. Or 4G63’s like to develop crank walk. Or Yugos are guaranteed to shed parts like a Bogliq on a trail rally. :wink:

I do totally know what you mean about improper maintenance giving cars a bad name. See also: Kia Rio. Owners would never change their timing belts (60k service interval), so they’d snap at 75k+, and destroy the engine. “OMG this is a piece of shit!” Uh… no, you abused it.


Ahh you’re conpletel right. I was thinking of the Chrysler RFE transmission, those require Mooar fluid.

Everything else 10/10

Ohhh! And another perfect example of maintenance giving cars a bad name: 2005-10 Chrysler 300. If you take care of them they’re great cars. But they didn’t age well at all. People that didn’t have enough money to keep them properly serviced bought them, because oHhHhH cheap luxury car! And then say OH CHRYSLER SUCKS when they don’t keep it serviced.


Because executives for major corporations have “no imagination” as part of the job description. If a car sells, various features of it will be implemented in cargo-cult fashion in hundreds of other cars through poorly thought out directives coming from people completely out of touch with engineering, design, the customers, or themselves.

As for “abusing” a Kia Rio, let’s be honest: the Kia Rio is a car built for people who cannot afford not to neglect their cars to death. I think it is completely fair to judge a bottom-tier economy car by how much abuse it can take before it finally gives up.


It’s a Tatra but does someone know the model.


that would be a Tatra 87


Ok thanks been wondering what it was


I’m sorry but I just remembered what this reminds me of

Deadpool from X-Men: Origins Wolverine (2007)
Don’t @ me

It looks like it’s grille is sewn shut!


Best gen 2009 gen


At least it looks nice.

Because this is not


The last one to look good


I disagree, this looks much better imo :weary:


The rear lights look fucked up though