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What are we working on right now? [17 December 2015]



sounds about right. After that release the Aussies will probably start moving to NZ, then we’ll work a bit more on game flow and car designer scenarios for the next big update and then we polish things up for the big Early Access release.

Do you have a date of the next update? Will the next update include the test track?[/quote]

I don’t think there’s a specific date set, I might be wrong though. And yeah, The test track should be included in the next update.


Aw man… can’t wait :frowning:


Me neither, this is so freaking awesome game! Finally I found the game what i have been looking for all my life :smiley: But if there will someday be actual test driving and racing with your own cars, i would pay ANYTHING, I mean ANYTHING! I know it is very big work for a small team… One update a time :slight_smile:


If only the game exploded in popularity, causing everyone to buy the game, and giving the Devs the chance to hire more staff…Make it happen! :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s actually taking to a whole whole new level! Maybe some modders might find a way to extract ur cars and import them into other existing racing games?


I think, everybody can’t wait this version. Test track will be amazing!


will there be any new engine size like V6 and inline 5, and flatplane 4,6 in the new up coming update also the track ?


No. No new engines, they come after a playable version of the tycoon part is out.


I guess it’s safe to assume superchargers are in the same boat. Can’t really get mad though based on how great things are right now


imho, I/we rather wait a bit longer for ‘‘perfection’’ than having a rushed/shitty product today,
Just saying that its going to be worth the wait!!!


@Forge91 +1
I agree 110%.


Yes, the Automation test track and the ‘Airfield’ (Top Gear replica) test track will be available in the forthcoming update.


For want of a better place, i will ask this here. In Killrob’s latest video he is collecting questions from youtube comments. Since I despise google plus with all my being and therefore cant comment on youtube any more, will there be anywhere else to send any questions I think of?


Good idea. I also cannot comment on YT, so I will start a thread for Killrob’s Q&A.


Update: An anonymous (yeah right) source has told me that they plan to release the open-beta this week if they don’t hit any hitches, and even as early as April 1st! Unless I’m getting an early April Fools joke, it could happen.


Would be awesome though :smiley:


No, no April Fools joke. That would be annoying.



No, no April Fools joke. That would be annoying.[/quote]

It has been stated in other posts that there’s a 90% chance the update will be release this week! Keen! :smiley:


So no end of March, 1st April release. Will you only release it once setup in NZ? Surely you ran into some issues, but an update would be nice


We’re still planning on getting it out this week, yes. The flight to NZ is going on the 5th.