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What are we working on right now? [17 December 2015]


Is the release to take place before or after the aussie team move to NZ?


From what I’ve heard, they’ll try and release it before they move, so that the team can fix any big bugs. Then, after the relocation, they can fix the smaller bugs.

Unless the plan has changed though. :slight_smile:


I don’t want to sound picky, but are aluminum drum brakes going to be a option?


You mean as of right now? I don’t think so.

If you mean later in the year, then yeah, maybe. Drum Brakes are probably going to be included.


I would hope they would be included lol. Aluminum drums do a really good job with brake fade and have more flex so they don’t lock up quite so bad (compared to cast iron). Buick made them starting in 57 and were one of the best brakes in the industry til the advent of antilock disc. They were used extensively on every GM line up to 1992!


Fun fact :geek:

But yeah drum brakes will b cool


I feel like a fool for waiting.


Why do you feel like a fool? Don’t stress I have been and I just need to calm and chill lol. It will be out within a week hopefully so hold on a lil longer buddy!


when is gonna be launched the next build?




Moving to New Zealand and setting up base there is the thing we’re working on. :slight_smile: Work on the next package of Model & Platform Designer goodness is started after that!


I’ll be updating the page when a new subproject is officially posted on the “special” part of the forums :wink:

That way I can get some more information to you guys.


any time/date for an update guys?


They just got an update out, glasgowrob. :wink: Now some of the devs are moving to New Zealand, which will take some time before they work on another update.


just downloaded it thanks :slight_smile:

looking good,

game really is starting to take shape now bring on some serious tycoon elements


Can you squeeze V6s into the next update also?


I’m pretty sure the engine designer is set for now (Correct me if I’m wrong). They will be added in the near future though. :slight_smile:


The development timeline is pretty clear in general, autofrank, watch our Q&A Youtube video about it.


Alright. Btw, the launcher hasn’t given us a changelog since November…


The changelog should have updated now though.