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What are we working on right now? [17 December 2015]


How would this work when it comes to those of us that have already purchased the game? Unique voucher codes i presume?


Your current game key will be converted to a Steam key so you can activate it on Steam, and also still be able to use the standalone launcher. :slight_smile:


I’ve just updated the thread again, I know I haven’t been updating the thread as frequently as I should, I’ve been quite busy lately. I’ll try and continue to update the thread as it continues.

Thank you for updating Pleb!


The latest youtube videos have me anticipating for future releases. One suggestion is for future youtube videos to reduce or disable in-game music, so we can hear you better. kutgw!


The videos without music feel really empty and boring though. On the other hand I agree that I sometimes go overboard with the volume, that definitely needs to be toned down. Cheers!


I would like to know too if we get codes for the steam version if we have already bought it.


Yes, indeed you will get a steam code.


Thanks a lot for the answer :smiley:


I read here that you’ll be changing the game to run on the same engine as the Kerbal Space Program.

When are you planning to switch, and how will that happen?
Will you have to start over from scratch?
Will calculations be imported? (At least the data is available to you)
Will 3D models and textures have to be remade from scratch, or imported?
If there is a lot of from scratch work to do, why not start now and quit working on the engine you’re currently using?

Anything else you can think to add here would be great. KUTGW.


AFAIK, an engine switch isn’t as difficult as it seems. All the calculations will be unaffected as it’s just a graphical thing (I think :stuck_out_tongue:), and textures will remain the same.

  1. I think the switch will be made after the game is released on Steam.
  2. No. Most of the core aspects will be unaffected.
  3. The calculations are all done in LUA format, and they won’t be harmed in the switch.
  4. Nope, models and textures will still work as they did, just with better shaders and lighting.

Basically, what this means for the game is much better graphics, much better performance and much less strain on the CPU and GPU, better shaders, more realistic lighting, and some other artist features that Daffy can work his magic with! And the only drawback is development time I think, so all is well! :slight_smile:

Hope this helped! :slight_smile:


A bonus of moving to the unity engine is it will be much more likely to run under WINE. Great for Linux folks.



[quote=“three7s”]I love the effort getting put into the development, it’s just that…The anticipation for anything tycoon is making my brains want to explode…

POOF!.. darn it there goes another brain cell!


This morning I forgot something and I can’t remember what it was…[/quote]

My brain is complete goo, Oozing down the drain, like my investment is getting flushed… Well I guess i’ll have to wait even longer. I do honestly appreciate that you haven’t posted any release dates for updates, or really anything.

Have a good Christmas everyone. Be Safe!


If you want updates on what is being done, subscribe to our YouTube channel AutomationGame. :slight_smile:


My goodness, I stand Corrected! Looks like I got a few months to catch up on, Now that’s an awesome Christmas Present! Thank you very much Killrob!


I’ve seen a lot of new features on the youtube channel. When is the next update scheduled for release? When is the new engine switchover happening?


The Steam open beta will happen somewhere in the middle of this month, with the full Steam Early Access release hopefully coming early-mid March. [size=20]Please release it on the 9th of March, that’s my birthday!![/size]

And the engine switch will probably happen sometime after that, I’m not sure. :slight_smile:


Any date for next update yet? getting bored here


You again?

As you can see on the post right above yours, the update is scheduled to come out in the middle of March, with a open-beta phase a couple of weeks before.


I’m a little late to the party, so I’m not sure if this has been asked previously or not. Are there any future plans for the inclusion of motion ratios in the suspension section? Double-wishbone, multi-link, and even semi-trailing arm suspension systems can vary in performance with relation to motion ratios due to dynamic camber gain. I wasn’t sure if it was something the development team was looking to add sometime down the road or if it was outside the scope of what was being built. While on the subject of suspensions: Is there a plan to overhaul the numbers used for spring stiffness and shock damping performance to something a little more…tangible? While it becomes clear that the higher numbers indicate better performance, it would be nice to have the numbers correspond to actual spring rates. This, of course, would require a bit of an addition with regards to the dampers, since damping is done on a scale as opposed to a static number. Even linear damping graphs would be nice to have as a reference so as to make suspension setups easier to dial in.


@bendersan: That would definitely be outside the scope of the game, we assume average base motion ratios (i.e. performance) for the various suspension types, anything more complicated than that would add a lot of complexity and only little gameplay value.

Regarding the stiffness I can’t quite follow, the values are in N/m, which is very tangible. We probably should write the unit used next to the numbers though, and give the choice of switching to something less metric too, like lb/in or so.