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What are you listening to right now?


Do you guys like Ghost?


01:00 drop oof



In 2007 three Swedish death metal musician were on a tour, where they recognized that all of them like to jam classic rock songs of the '70s and '80s. It really worked so they formed a side-project band with two additional members and called it “The Night Flight Orchestra”, and started to write their own songs in classic radio-rock style.

Their experiment went really well, they recently released their fourth album, “Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough”. I usually listen to heavier music, but TNFO writes so fun and enjoyable songs that I become a fan of them.

Here is song from their second album, “Stiletto”. Never heard a cheesier song, but it become my favourite driving song.
What a pity the guys wrote it in 2015 - this would have been sold in millions in 1983. :smiley:




that exhaust note raises the hairs on my neck.


Right in the feels, love the new Iron & Wine’s one.


Madonna is 60 today :cake:



Tryna find some more good classic DnB

and this

courtesy of @DeusExMackia :kissing_heart:




omfg so cool




Poopy di Scoop, by Kanye




Talk Talk - Talk Talk (1997 remastered)


So groovy.