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What are you listening to right now?


*listening to this louder enough for fecking abraham lincoln to hear

You don’t have to read any of this, but I’m listening to this 'cause it came on BBC Radio 6 Music today, probably the best radio station in the UK. They had an event on today called ‘All Day Rave’, celebrating 30 years since the Second Summer Of Love when house music swept the UK and the rave culture in the country was born.

In the preceding years, many of the artists and DJs (think: Orbital, 808 State, Paul Oakenfold, Andy Weatherall, Future Sound Of London, The K.L.F., LFO, Happy Mondays, New Order, heck even the f*cking Pet Shop Boys) that would later go on to define the scene in the UK took their influence from artists from Detroit, New York and, of course, the towering pantheon that is Chicago, the home of house music.

Marshall Jefferson was one such artists who emerged in the Chicago House music scene. While there were a number of house labels part of the scene at the time - Cajual, Guidance, DJ International, Dance Mania - none can really compare to the legendary Trax Records, on who Marshall Jefferson released a number of records. One of those was “Move Your Body”, released in 1986, before subesequently being re-realesed, remixed and printed on other labels around the world no less than 35 times.

“Move Your Body” is infamously known as ‘the original house anthem’. Listen to it and you’ll soon understand why. The moment that f*cking piano kicks in, gaaaahhh. One of my favourite 5 seconds of music ever.
In turn, that piano would become HUGELY influential on so many other records, far beyond the reaches of Chicago House. If you listen to any modern dance song which has a piano on it, there’s a good chance it’s thanks to this song that it has it.

In turn, this record saw a huge resurgence in the UK during the late 80s and became an essential staple of house club nights for DJs across the UK.

If you like this, I urge you to check out more from Trax Records - Sweet D’s “Thank Ya”, “Your Love” by Frankie Knuckles (guarantee you’ll know this one), “Pump Up Chicago” by Mr. Lee are good places to start. Trax Records also dipped into Acid House too and helped to springboard the movement with three complications, the best of which are namely Acid Trax Vol. 1 and Acid Trax Vol. 2. I’m going out on a limb and saying they’re two of the best compilations ever released.

So yeah there’s a short essay on Move Your Body, the origins of House Music and Trax.



Continuing with my father’s music tastes…



The Honda CBX1000 has an amazing sound.

And, some conventional music so I don’t get evicted from the thread for just posting engine noises all the time, hehe


That like is for the guitars, the engine sounds I am quite neutral about. But I thank you for the music.


This song makes me nostalgic


My dad introduced me to The Grateful Dead, and it’s all I’ve been listening to for the past couple of days.


It’s like funk but funkier (and groovier.)


new wave is the best genre don’t @ me


Third time I’m headbobbing to this today. So fucking good. If you consider that it’s made in USSR controlled Yugoslavia, and that it’s about 30 years old at the minimum it only enhances how futuristic it is as well as how much of a fucking banger this is.


This song is godly on so many levels. Galimatias’ production style is so recognizable and unique yet still pleasant. The vocal chops in particular give me life.


One of my favorite racing engines, this time in a boat. I love the way this thing sounds, they fire it at 2:10 and run it a bit around 6:00. Owned by car collector and cool guy Bruce Meyers, the boat is a beauty, too, and has some great history.

And some music, I’m too old to be hip so I just found this by following a bouncing ball around the yootoobs


Honestly which version is better, I can’t decide.


This is a Scania 143E 500 Wrecker.

Except it isn’t because this particular one belongs to my chef and is actually a 1984? 112H with a 360hp DSC11 Straight Six Diesel . They say the frame is currently around 3 million miles. It has 300kg of concrete inside its front bumper for added traction when towing extra heavy loads, and for mowing solid structures down.

Why am I posting this here? Because as you can probably see it’s running twin straight stacks. Which means it produces a particularly nasty and dirty kind of straight six diesel sound, which is about as good as a four stroke of any kind will ever get. The V8 deservedly gets a lot of love, but the little six must not be forgotten. How does it sound then? Very similar to this:

Now imagine this under load, being run through the gears, and you’ll know why it is worth it to be working on trucks for a living.




'Nam and 60s rock.


some prog metal(core) goodness from north carolina