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What are you listening to right now?









A definitive, all-encompassing snapshot of 4:11 am when you’ve tramped back from the silent disco at main stage to your tent with some fellow festival-goers who come from somewhere near Derby who are equally intoxicated as you are, sitting on your camping chairs chatting absolute b******s as you try to stop yourself falling over again because your sense of balance has long since vanished, with constant head rush and a slight ring in your ears from all the sets you’ve been headbanging to for the last 48 hours, with some 90s alt-rock being played on your mate’s tinny bluetooth speaker as you try to keep the party going, and the sun starts to appear over the hills, gradually lighting up your middle-of-f#cking-no-where countryside surroundings with an orange-pink hue as warm as the laid back vibes you’re feeling, taking another swig from your slightly crumpled can of scrumpy, laughing with some passers-by who decided to try and get to the portaloos by cutting across the sea of tents and keep having to dodge guy ropes, with all of you basking in the cool early summer morning air remembering that this is exactly what festivals are supposed to be about and are supposed to feel like.


some batshite derth mertl




When the cover beats the original…


A fellow Dying Fetus-fan at the Automation forum! Cheers! :slight_smile: I thought I’m the only death metal fan here. :slight_smile:
That album is maybe the heaviest sh*t ever made by humanity. These days I spin the new Horrendous. Top quality DM and it’s a young band. Here is my fave song from the record (but the whole album is officially uploaded too)



Take this

mix with songs from this

and that’s about right



i really love Red Army Choir



Been stuck in my head lately


Today’s earworm…


Devy is such an idiosyncratic & strapping dude