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What are you listening to right now?


I think @MasterDoggo will like this one :weary::sweat_drops:




Don’t you worry, I can do that twice :smirk:


I hope someday I’ll finish one of my Darksynth track to finally put something on my ytb channel lmao



Honestly I don’t care what people think of this song. I’ve heard people dismiss it for being “too silly”, “childish”.


It takes one listen to get past the absurd vocals, after which there is no turning back. This is an absolute, timeless masterpiece.




PLEASE share a link to your favorites playlist, this is right up my alley!



:bat: Happy Halloween :bat:


Well I don’t have a favorites playlist but I can give you some neat mixes and albums :smiley:


I could share my list, but it’s exactly the same as computah’s list haha


Not a fan of the “clip”, but spares me the intro


At least you gave me some terms to seach, thank you


Feel Good Inc. gets all the attention from this album but I really dig this song.


more bach-metal, y not


@Chickenbiscuit Totally agree, Demon Days’ title track is so good. When that slow guitar riff comes in…dAAAAMN :weary:

I’ll give you plenty of internet cookies if you’re a fellow fan of The Fall.


Listening to this the old school way, with an actual CD in an actual CD player in my car.


I used to listen to this, the actual old school way, on a cassette, in an all original Mk3 Golf with a cassette player