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What are you listening to right now?




I haven’t heard it for years because I went off it a bit, but:

One of the first songs that got me into New Wave and 80s era music as a whole, first heard I suspect from a similar source to many others around my age.


Had a moment of enlightenment and think I’ve finally decided on my favourite Pixies song


God, I need to listen to more varied music


DOOM is a fucking rap beast, nothing but an absolute and utter god


bits and pieces, bits and pieces


Fun fact: this has roughly the same chord progression as Busted’s “Thunderbirds Are Go”, released the same year for that horrendous(ly brilliant) Thunderbirds movie.


The greatest christmas meme

Just check the Lyrics




Merry Christmas. Apparently this is a Christmas song. Don’t ask me how or why


Can I get some love for one of the best TV shows of all time?




The ideal song to play in your black DUB Cadillac Escalade



Reminiscing over 2016.


Incredible Music Video. Thank you Edgar Wright