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What are you listening to right now?


This is art. Just fucking art. Not just the music. Not just the visuals. All of it.



Absolutley kick-ass tune


Don’t hate me but Lady Gaga bops


Too late


Fully agreed. Former Little Monster over here and fucking proud of it.

This is such a massive tune.


Tears for Fears and 80s New Wave are the shit.


God I love this man’s work.



destiny’s later stuff gets ragged on but frankly this is a low-key banger

also props to the black and white video and obligatory people dancing around expensive cars in a white studio, that is 2004 AF


Here have some boomer baguette stuff


B-b-b-BUMP with some f-f-f-FEELS


the m e m o r i e s


the actual official hatsune miku’s songs playlist by Crypton Future Media (the devs of vocaloids) themselves


That was a good movie :slight_smile:


In hype for Igor…



Someone in my house was watching “Lucifer”, and they used a bit of this

So I’m playing it now


cosmic blackened death metal


Hope this isn’t too much of a bump but I wanted to bring awareness to the greatness that is Senor Wooly. We watch some of his stuff in my Spanish III class, and I love it lol


I showed my son this the other day, and he just asked me to play it again